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I'm constantly tired and it's making me frustrated.

I'm 20 years old and right now I'm not going to school, TAFE or university full-time. The only studying I'm committed to right now is studying part-time. But with the courses I'm doing there right now I have no choice but to study at night, between 5:30 to 9:30 PM three days a week. So I have to be out in the city late at night half of the week and I don't get home until 10. And because my course revolves around working with computers (I'm learning to program video games in Unity and create 3D models and stuff like that), I find that being in class, having to sit down in front of the computer for up to 2 hours at a time (there is a break in the middle of each class for dinner time, so there's at least that) can drain me of my energy and I find myself just wanting to nap. Now in the morning I don't get out of bed until around 9 AM on a good day and 10 AM on a bad day, and even then I always have bags under my eyes and I just feel so lethargic and I barely have any time during the day to do work or hobbies because I just want to relax all the time. I want to get part-time work soon for experience but I'm afraid if this continues I won't be able to get to work on time and I'll be too tired to work. Maybe there are some things I could do better, like cutting out unhealthy food and drink, but I don't think I'm that unhealthy because I usually eat fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods most days. I try and get out most days doing things like taking the dogs out or at least going shopping at the supermarket and other things. Being out and about can help give me more energy for a while, but it doesn't last. I'm wondering if I should get medication to help make me feel less tired, my Mum thinks I don't need it and I just need to eat healthy and excerise. What do you guys think? It's getting really frustrating being so tired, I'm a young adult but sometimes I feel like an old man. I just want to be able to go out and enjoy life like other people my age.


Re: I'm constantly tired and it's making me frustrated.

Hey there @Bento

Just letting you know that I edited out the name of the place you're studying at for anonymity. 


It can be really hard to keep up with classes when they're late at night, do you find it difficult to fall asleep on other nights when you don't study? If you're interested, we have a huge list of articles on sleep over here that might be helpful for you to read. 


There are often many different reasons, both physical and mental, as to why someone might be tired. We aren't able to give medical advice on the forums, so aren't able to answer your question about medication. I was wondering, have you spoken to a GP about how you've been feeling lately? They may be able to give you more practical advice on what you can do to help you feel less tired. What do you think? 


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!


Re: I'm constantly tired and it's making me frustrated.

Hey @Bento,


Sorry to hear you are struggling with being tired all the time. It can be really hard to juggle study/life stuff sometimes. 

Do you find that you only get really tired on the days after you have gone to your course or is it all the time? Sometimes I work until 10pm and I find that I am always more tired the day after. 


Have you tried any self care techniques to help you sleep after you get home? I like to read, or do some yoga to wind down.


Re: I'm constantly tired and it's making me frustrated.

Hi @Bento , I'm sorry to hear that you're having a difficult time right now Smiley Sad


However, congrats on your study! As a fellow uni student I understand how stressful and time-consuming studying can be so kudos to you for persevering Smiley Happy It sounds like you are doing great things to take care of yourself (which is so important) like eating healthily and going for walks with your pups Smiley Happy


Are you struggling to fall asleep/stay asleep at night? If you are, I find that using some free apps (if you have access to a smartphone) are really helpful! I like "Rain Rain" for background noise like rain, wind etc; or "Smiling Mind" which has a great meditation course specifically for sleeping Smiley Happy Have you tried anything like this before? If so, how helpful/un-helpful did you find it?


Should you need further help, there's no shame in going and chatting to a GP about your sleep troubles Smiley Happy 

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