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Mental Health Apps + Relaxing Games

Hey guys, lately I've been trying to be more proactive in my own wellbeing and thought about looking into downloading different types of apps that might help with that. So I thought I would recommend a few that I found helpful:


SAMapp: helps track your anxiety levels over time, you can keep a note of things that make you stressed, keeps a list of things that you can customise as your self-help tools


Diaro: just a simple diary that you can use to keep your schedual. Really clean and easy to use, I like how you can add pictures so if I plan on going to a new area during the week I can upload a map for easy reference 


Relax Rain: lots of different rain sounds (rain in country side, puddles, thunder etc) - for someone who has a lot of trouble sleeping I find this helps me drown out my anxious thoughts so I can focus on the rain noise and fall asleep


Breathe: a visual representation of how you should be breathing, I just control my breathing by watching the loops and I feel it helps during anxiety attacks 


MoodTools - Depression Aid: easy to track your mood, has links to soothing music and TEDtalks. MOST IMPORTANTLY has a safety plan feature, so you can put in emergency numbers for people (family, friends, psychologist) you might need in a crisis, reasons to live, things you can do to distract yourself - for those moments where everything feels too much


SleepBot: monitors your sleep cycle - for those of us with insomnia 


Medisafe Meds and Pill Reminder: keeps track of your medication, dosage and most importantly reminds you to take them!


Rise Up: I haven't used this myself but it's for those struggling with eating disorders 




Now for some mindless, relaxing games


AbyssRium: you make your own underwater living system, cute fishes and corals. The graphics are so pretty, the music is calming and it's such a laid back game. Super calming and low effort. 


Zen Koi: raise koi fish, absolutely beautiful graphics, really calming music, something to play to relax to


Viridi: this is awesome if you're a succulent lover like me! you grow little succulents and take care of them - wonderfully made, simple. 


Polyforge: you hit the sides of increasingly larger prisms - sounds silly, but it's really relaxing


Osmos: propell your organism to consume smaller ones - slow paces and calming 


Hope there's some new ones there that you guys haven't heard of that might help

If you know any good apps or games feel free to post them Smiley Happy

Re: Mental Health Apps + Relaxing Games

Such an informative post @wethesinners! I've tried out a few of those before but it's always great to have new recommendations Smiley Happy for mindless relaxing games I love flow - there's a normal version, one with 'bridges' and they recently released another one with hexagons. It's a simple connect-the-dots game which means you don't have to think too much Smiley Happy

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Re: Mental Health Apps + Relaxing Games

Love this thread and your recommendations @wethesinners

I would also recommend Smiling Mind that has some relaxing, guided exercises, and Check-in is another great app that gives you examples on how to talk to and help others and then looking after yourself too!


Re: Mental Health Apps + Relaxing Games

Oh I adore this idea, @wethesinners! Honestly, such a large variety of apps, so great to see really. Will definitely be checking some of these out ^_^

And on another note, I used to sit and play Zen Koi all the time xD Loved it! hahah

Re: Mental Health Apps + Relaxing Games

This is great @wethesinners thank you! I will definitely be checking out some of these apps.

Another one I like is Free Meditation - Take a Break (by Meditation Oasis) and also RR Eating Disorder Management (by Recovery Record) for those recovering from eating disorders (it has a lot of tools and resources, and can also link your logs to your psychologist's account if you wish to do so).

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Re: Mental Health Apps + Relaxing Games

This is an awesome idea @wethesinners. I don't really have anything to add. But I have used a few, like Abyssrium (which seriously helped calm me down. Just listening to the music and tapping the screen was really helpful) I've also used Relax Rain which has some neat sounds that are awesome if you're trying to sleep and block out other sounds. I did try Viridi, but it didn't work for me although I think I'll have to give the other apps on your list a go, because they all sound great!

@lokifish Flow is so much fun, it's nice and calming and I love games where I don't have to think too hard. Smiley Happy

Re: Mental Health Apps + Relaxing Games

Wow so impressive guys! @wethesinners

Re: Mental Health Apps + Relaxing Games

I'm on my phone so much so this is a super useful thread!! (for me at least lol)


This isn't really an app made for relaxation, but I still find Neko Atsume really relaxing to play - the music is cute and soothing, and the cats are adorable! It's also a pretty easy game to play: you just put out food and toys in your yard and wait for the cats to turn up

Re: Mental Health Apps + Relaxing Games

@safari93 Neko Atsume is so cute! I feel a particular connection to Tubbs...


This one is probably a bit left of field, but I am a Fitbit user, and greatly appreciate the accompanying app. I think it helps me get out of bed on days I'd rather hide from the world, and greatly aids my wellbeing by helping me generally be more active. The sleep tracking is also awesome.

Re: Mental Health Apps + Relaxing Games

@safari93 @peppermintpeony Neko Atsume is pretty cool Smiley Happy I haven't used it for awhile, but still love it. Smiley Very Happy