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Messages about mental health and motivation

Hi everyone I wanted to make a place to be able to come to for motivational message/quotes and messages to people that are going through some mental health issues for example messages to people that have depressive symptoms or anxiety. Messages like this helped me to feel seen and cared for.


A message to people having depressive symptoms that helped in the past:

A loving letter to the depressed...

You may feel an immensely painful void inside or you may be wondering about the meaning of life. You may feel angry or full of angst. Let me remind you, you are not alone, as millions of people have conquered these intoxicating emotions.

The only way out of this rut is to dig deep down inside of yourself and find even the tiniest ounce of love - for yourself or for a part of the universe - and let it be the fire that lights your soul. Find the strength that is inside of you and do something that once made you happy - go for a walk and watch the sunset, read a book, call a friend, try to meditate, anything.

Your life, no matter where you are or who you are, is worth living. You, as much as anybody in the world, are deserving of your love. If you can’t see that now, you will in time... just give yourself an ounce of love and see what happens.

Practice a bit of love. Try taking your depression goggles off - see what happens, see how life looks.

Credit: Mother of dragons - Talklife app 2017


A message to those struggling with self-love:

Self love seems like a non-existent gift
Loving yourself the best gift you can give yourself
Healing and forgiving for yourself a deserved gift

It comes when least expected but most needed
It comes when you were ready for the joys it would be bring

The only person you realise that needs to hold my hand is myself
The only person you realise that can give me the desired control is yourself

You only need yourself to grow that smile yourself
You only need yourself to let go of the pain

Loving yourself never easy
Loving yourself a continuous journey
Loving yourself a powerful path


Credit: My self


I hope these messages and those to come can provide comfort, feeling of been seen/cared about and maybe so motivation. Please share your messages and kind words 

Re: Messages about mental health and motivation

Here more messages in photos. This book reasons to stay alive also has a great message (can be brought from amazon or other book stores depending on location) and the other book whats the rush 

See the source image

Screenshot (212).png20201011_202045.jpg20201011_202104.jpg20201011_202126.jpgScreenshot_20201011-201914_Instagram 2.jpgSee the source image

Re: Messages about mental health and motivation

@A_Friend hi there, cheers for posting these resources and visual resources, they are very interesting and thought-provoking- they'll definitely help someone with something they could really use help with, that's for sure! 
Keep up the great contributions to our community Smiley Happy

Re: Messages about mental health and motivation

@A_Friend  This is a great thread! Smiley Happy

Here are some messages I've found myself:




Re: Messages about mental health and motivation

I love this thread! @WheresMySquishy you posted some of my most favourite mental health awareness photos! Especially the daily reminder one!



Re: Messages about mental health and motivation

@WheresMySquishy Love the first one. People from my past who I decided to distance myself from have always given me a hard time about such things. Long story short, people and their double standards, haha. I needed this. Thanks!



Re: Messages about mental health and motivation

@WheresMySquishy @sunnygirl606 @hunginc thanks for your great mental health awareness and messages about mental health posts. @Tay100 Thanks for you kind words. 

Keep your amazing contributions to this community and keep spread love and awareness about mental health

Re: Messages about mental health and motivation

I pass through a difficult time in my life. I can't figure out where to go next, because my work doesn't bring me pleasure and a couple of days ago I broke up with my girlfriend. I have been noticing for six months that nothing brings me pleasure and it is difficult for me to enjoy life.

Re: Messages about mental health and motivation

Hi @KimberlyMetcal, I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling to enjoy life. That must be a really heavy feeling to carry for such a long time. It sounds like things are so difficult for you right now, especially with the recent breakup you have experienced Smiley Sad That really sucks. I am wondering if you have thought of talking to a doctor? Sometimes things don't feel like they are getting better and that is when it is important to reach out to some professional supports around you. Just so you know, I have sent you an email.

Re: Messages about mental health and motivation

@KimberlyMetcal  Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your break up- they can be hard and can make life seem a bit dull as we notice a new absence around us. It sounds like you may benefit from talking to a trusted adult, a close friend or even a professional- just to help you get on the right track to post break up recovery. If you aren't sure about seeking professional help face to face, telehealth can be a great option, including 'text counsellors' or 'chat' therapy. Let us know if you'd like us to explore these options with you at all.