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Relationship anarchy

So I've been researching relationship anarchy recently and kinda realised that it's something that aligns with my beliefs really well and is a way of thinking about relationships that I really like. I wondered if anyone else considers themselves a relationship anarchist or something similar, and what other people's thoughts are on this? 


Relationship anarchy is basically a way of conceptualising relationships that doesn't prioritise a single sexual/romantic relationship above all other relationships. Instead all relationships - platonic, romantic, sexual, familial - are considered equally important and unique.

Instead of spending the most time with a single romantic partner and committing to meeting life goals (like living together, raising children, having sex) with only them, you make those choices based on what's most comfortable and best for everybody. 

E.g. maybe you'll live with platonic friends and spend the most time with them, help to raise a sibling's or friend's children, and have different sexual or romantic relationships with multiple people. 


I'm definitely not trying to say that monogamous relationships are bad, though! I think they're cool too I'm just not sure if that would work for me. 




Re: Relationship anarchy

@DruidChild you're so knowledgeable, and I'm continually impressed by your ability to articulate concepts that are foreign to me, and that I imagine I otherwise wouldn't be able to understand as well. Thank you.

As to relationships anarchy in particular, I've not thought about it at all before now (I didn't know what it was until 2 minutes ago!) but I like the idea that all relationships - family, friends, romantic ones, are given equal priority.

As someone who hasn't dated much and who values my friends enormously, it really saddens me when I see people neglecting their friends or family for the sake of a romantic partner.    

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Re: Relationship anarchy

Thanks so much @letitgo I tend to get very interested in things and investigate them reasonably in depth so I know a lot about some random things lol. 

Same! I don't really see why a romantic partner has to be more important than other relationships. I think there is so much healthy variety in how people experience love anyway. 

Re: Relationship anarchy

Hey @DruidChild :-)

Thanks for the education! I have never heard of that concept before. I can't say that I identify with the ideas you mentioned, but I agree with @letitgo that it is sad to neglect friends. 

Re: Relationship anarchy

Thanks @JanaG! It is always interesting to hear about new concepts imo Smiley Happy

Re: Relationship anarchy

Hi @DruidChild, that's a really interesting concept! I feel like I can relate to it a lot, I think partially because I grew up in a collectivistic culture where the emphasis as always been on maintaining good relationships as a community/household rather than prioritising your romantic partner first and others after. 


I'm really glad that this is something that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Often times people like to push a monogamous romantic relationship as the One True Way of finding personal fulfilment, but there are many different ways of maintaining relationships with others and different things work for different people.

Re: Relationship anarchy

Wow I never knew this was a thing until now and after a quick googling I have found that I so agree with a lot of the ideas. Never been a big fan of monogamy anyway.330px-RadicalRelationsHeart.svg.pngSymbol of relationship anarchy