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What am I doing today?

Hey everyone! So I made a thread the other week about how sometimes, especially on days where I don't have to do anything (like the weekend), I find myself not doing much at all. This makes me really frustrated Smiley Sad


I know other people struggle with this, so here's a place to post what you want to get done today/tomorrow for a little bit of accountability and encouragement Smiley Happy It can be small things like having a shower or making lunch, or big things like tackling that assignment you've been putting off.


For example, here's what I hope to do tomorrow:

  • Wake up super early to go to the city.
  • Take a shower, have breakfast, and make sure I have everything packed.
  • Have an awesome time with my friends while I'm there.
  • Take some photos for my English assignment.
  • Finish the draft of my other English assignment (grrr, English teacher WHY)
  • Start this book I'm supposed to have almost finished Smiley Tongue
  • Enjoy myself at this Bar Mitzvah, but also get some sleep.

Re: What am I doing today?

Fantastic thread idea @roseisnotaplant :-)


Tomorrow, I would like to:


- Study with a friend

- Work on a mindfulness course I am doing at the moment

- Go through the unit guides for my subjects this semester


Re: What am I doing today?

Thanks for starting this thread @roseisnotaplant! Smiley Happy I hope you have a great time with your friends tomorrow. 


Tomorrow I want to:

- Eat an actual breakfast, even if it's just cereal

- Remember to brush my teeth TWICE

- Remember to brush my hair 

- Read the two assigned chapters for one subject

- Watch a lecture for another subject

- Do some more creative writing Smiley Happy

Re: What am I doing today?

Tomorrow I want to:

-Go for a 16km run; if not at least run

-Clean some of my room

-Drive back to my place - try to visit family on the way

-Pack up my koala jigsaw puzzle, or start getting the border together for the new one

-Try to finish a uni lecture if possible

-Go to work and make sure the netball is on the TV at work Smiley Tongue

-Spend as little time as possible on RO


I also may have to help with milking tomorrow morning - I hope not only because I'll be super tired on my three hour drive Smiley Sad


Re: What am I doing today?

This is an awesome thread @roseisnotaplant Smiley Happy

Today, I'm going to smile at people at work. And try to mean it.

Guess what day it was!!! It was Wear It Purple Day!! Come on over and learn all about what it is and what you can still do!

Re: What am I doing today?

For tomorrow:

-a short run

- gym

-watch some netball

-get myself to bunnings to get a board to put the puzzle on (not beat myself up if I don't do this one)


-study possibly


-stay offline as much as possible

-lots of hugs with big ted 


So basically keep busy Smiley Very Happy

Re: What am I doing today?

This is such a great thread!


Tomorrow I want to:

- Finish the application I'm writing and submit it

- finish doing a thorough clean of my house

- Catch up with a friend

Re: What am I doing today?

Thanks @DruidChild, I had a lot of fun! (Slightly too much fun as I now have a lot of homework to do Smiley Tongue )


This afternoon I will;

  • Do the English thing
  • Do the maths thing
  • Do the media thing
  • Celebrate after doing all the things (hopefully with pizza, but we'll see...)

Re: What am I doing today?

I did so much today, I don't know what to do tomorrow. I guess run and study!

Re: What am I doing today?

DO ALL OF THE THINGS! @roseisnotaplant
There's a picture for this but unfortunately I'm on my phone!

It's technically 'tomorrow'.. so today I hope to:
• make my breakfast - bacon, tomato, egg, mushroom
• play computer games - a pretty regular thing for me
• go to the gym - I really should do this and hopefully I feel more like it
• maybe spend some time reading
• maybe spend some time looking at the new trimester of uni stuff
• clean up the house


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