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Re: Alphabetical pictionary

X is for...




See what I mean!! 😂 Okay deal!! We can do this!! Then it's pass out time!! 


** Also this is on it's bloody side 😔 Gomna peg my phome ay the wall!!!

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

Okay okay Y.. is.. for 😴 wait for it

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

That's an X-ray btw

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

Oh and yes it was writing

Re: Alphabetical pictionary



It really doesn't get better than thisIt really doesn't get better than this


Re: Alphabetical pictionary

OMG YESSSS!!!!! 😂😂😂😂



Y is for... YOGA! 😂👌


I also decided to just draw both letters cause I jumped in early before when we missed X so wasn't sure which you'd draw lol and I figured when you sign the alphabet you sign it as 'Y & Z' anyway as if they were a pair.. 😂




You've gotta try guess but lets pick this up again tomorrow and chuck in some new rules! Can totally tell we are exhausted and care factor is ZERO atm with creativity 😂😂😂

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

Yacht and zebra?? I love how we said we'd get better at drawing by the end of this 🤣

Goodnight! I'm gonna pass out now Smiley Tongue

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

Ahahaha me too! Next game we will!!


I'm about to do the exact same!! Hope you get a good sleep and some of your exam done tomorrow!! Chat then 😊

Re: Alphabetical pictionary (action themed)

Does anyone wanna play another round of alphabetical pictionary with me? Smiley Happy

The theme for this round can be action (i.e. you must draw pictures that depict an action (or a so called 'verb' if you wanna get real technical Smiley Tongue )!


For example..

S is for...

Annotation 2020-06-17 201709.png






That's right!

So.. Who wants to start us off with A?? Smiley Happy



Re: Alphabetical pictionary (action themed)

[R] Okay, here we go. A is for...R's Bad Drawing #2.png