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Re: favorite video games!

I love Tetris... I'm actually terrible with spatial awareness in real life but seem to have a flair for it in retro arcade games. I find Tetris weirdly therapeutic.


And, I'm not sure if this counts, but I still like The Sims and Sim City. They're kind of old school but I particularly like the ability to design houses and cities.

Re: favorite video games!

i used to love were in the world is carman sandiago but then i played it again and it kicked my bottom because of the lack of geography skills

Re: favorite video games!

when i was in grade 2 and computers were just coming into classrooms, EVERYONE competed for the only computer that could read CD-roms to play Where In the World is Carman Sandiego


i have a tetris-like games on my phone that i play to pass time at the bus stop/train station


love super mario kart & donkey kong country 3 on super nintendo


tekken & street fighter are classics


Re: favorite video games!

I love the Banjo games, they're excellent. I never got to play Ocarina of Time, cause I'm pretty sure the N64 came out before I did, and I missed out on buying it. >.<

I gotta say, N64 is probably the best console Nintendo has released.

Re: favorite video games!

i'm so crap at games, but I love anything Sims and other strategy games like Age of Mythology or my favourite growing up was Kings Quest!

Need to get onto steam and find a few things to download on the mac.

Re: favorite video games!

My favourite game, Pokemon!


On the subject of games, I dreamt I was in Runescape last night...I haven't played that since primary school...


Re: favorite video games!

At the moment I'm replaying Far Cry 2 so I'm prepared for Far Cry 3. I played some at the EB Games Expo in Sydney and it was amazing. I like games that have interesting stories, anyone played Heavy Rain?

Re: favorite video games!

Banjo kazooie ftw

Re: favorite video games!

@halcatraz wrote:

 I like games that have interesting stories, anyone played Heavy Rain?

I played Heavy Rain a year or two ago. Fascinating and beautiful. I was really captivated by it and wasn't at all expecting the ending I witnessed (I don't want to spoil it for anyone)!


I have a few friends who play League of Legends. I've never really been interested in it. I played a round late last night and am still not sure it's for me. Anyone here play it? What am I missing that keeps everyone else so enthralled by it?

Also have Borderlands 2 waiting to be installed to try out. I loved the first one so hopefully this one will live up to its predecessor! (I just hope it will run okay on my MacBook Air!)

Re: favorite video games!

Pokemon, mario brothers, yoshie's island, Grand theft auto.


Im currently addicted to sims though lol