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Re: I'm just feeling anxious and alone

Heyy @ApplesRoses , I agree with Bre that you've been doing your best to make our youtube community a safe place for everyone and you have a strong moral principles that many others don't have at a young age! Smiley Very Happy And it's wonderful to hear that you feel comfortable enough to share about things that are bothering you!

I'm also glad that the STOPP method has been helpful for you in alleviating your intrusive thoughts, as well as that you have a good friend who is supportive of you and is able to listen to you! Smiley Very Happy Our minds really can be our worst enemies sometimes; I've definitely had several negative thought experiences like you have, and yes it really is helpful to talk to someone and get their opinion of our current situation, as it gives more perspective. You also have done enough and I just want to let you know that you are a great person for what you've already done to help with the youtube situation! Smiley Very Happy

How are you now btw? I hope the thoughts have mitigated at least today! And has anyone contacted you yet about the report you made?

Re: I'm just feeling anxious and alone

Hey @drpenguin 

Thank you and @Bre-RO for really kind messages, they've actually been helping me get through a negative thought patch. It's my last day here on vacation, and I've been spending a lot of it with family. And they've been so lovely to hangout with, I haven't seen them in quite some time. It's been alleviating some of the stress I've been having today with just their presence. 

Also, about the report. They haven't notified me of anything, I've just left them my email and my first name just because I don't feel to okay with them having my info. But knowing that they haven't notified me of anything tells me, that they could be looking into the situation. Which makes me feel a lot better than I was yesterday night Smiley Happy 

Re: I'm just feeling anxious and alone

Hey there @ApplesRoses 


I'm so, so happy that coming here has been helping you get through those negative thought spirals. The longer those thoughts bounce around in your head, the harder it is to get perspective. Expressing yourself in those times, whilst it isn't easy, is much a brave thing to do! 


We're all really proud of you for making online spaces positive for all people. Let us know how it goes once they get back to you Heart 


Also, it's so nice to hear spending time with family has been a positive. It sounds like social support is something that really lifts your spirits! 


Re: I'm just feeling anxious and alone

@Bre-RO @drpenguin @MB95 @Jess1-RO @WheresMySquishy 
( I really do hope that's everyone involved in this chat Smiley Happy

Hey everyone, 


hope y'all are doing okay. Anyways, I haven't really been on the forums for quite a long time. It feels like forever since I've last been here. I think almost a fortnight ago now. Last time I messaged, I let you know that I've been looking for help. And that I've contacted quite a few headspaces and other services in my area. But to no avail, until last Thursday where I asked my friend to call the headspace I first started off with, and see if they  could schedule something in for me. And so they did and I had a walk in and they just wanted to assess whether or not I was suitable for their service. I told them a lot of the things that I've been through, and at that moment. I just felt so nervous, but I was being heard no matter what I said. Which made me feel good afterwards. 

The next day at around 2pm they told me that they felt like they were the right service for me. And I called back around 10 minutes before closing time telling them that I wanted to book an appointment for Thursday the 6th of February at 3:30PM. Which right now as I'm writing this, is tomorrow. I'm planning to arrive there with my friend. I'm kind of feeling stressed, but I'm kind of excited to see what will happen. Because this is help that I've needed for like almost the past four years. I'm just in awe, that I'm finally getting professional help after months of searching. 

I'm also thanking y'all because it's been a long journey and I am so so so so grateful to have y'all in my life. 

Thank you,



Re: I'm just feeling anxious and alone

Hey @ApplesRoses 


It warms my heart to hear that you have a supportive friend who is holding your hand through the process of getting professional help. It's a huge step and can take so much perseverance to get the support you need. I am so, so happy to hear this news Heart 


I'm wishing you all the best for your first session today and want you to know the mix of stress/excitement is something I think lots of people would relate to. 


I'm feeling really proud of how you have pushed through, especially over the past couple of weeks to get where you are today. Massive steps forward! 


well done applause GIF


Re: I'm just feeling anxious and alone

This is absolutely amazing news @ApplesRoses!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! 😍 Your determination to seek help is so inspiring I can't even put it into words!!! I am so proud of you for not giving up and fighting until you found a support service to suit you!!!


How did it all go today? I am very curious and would love to hear all about it if/when you feel like sharing. I hope it was everything you hoped for, but also realise that these things take time. They are strange relationships and don't always go as we hope or plan. Sometimes they can even make us feel worse but it sounds like you have the determination within you to keep fighting until you see results so don't lose sight of that because it's an incredibly admirable quality to have 😊


This has really put a smile on my face because I know how hard it is to keep pushing through to find help when so many people either turn you away or just don't have the time. So give yourself a MASSIVE pat on the back because you bloody deserve it!!! 


VERY proud! And also very glad to hear your friend was able to support you 😊


Thanks for sharing your news and ending my day with a huge smile!! 


Re: I'm just feeling anxious and alone

It's great to hear from you again @ApplesRoses! Smiley Happy I'm so glad that the team at headspace think that they can help you and that your friend is supportive. I think you should be proud of yourself for not giving up, even in the face of setbacks. It must have also taken a lot of courage to open up to them. Heart

How did you find the appointment? I hope it went well. Smiley Happy


Re: I'm just feeling anxious and alone

Hey @ApplesRoses , we're so glad that you've finally been able to find the professional help you've been seeking after so many months! You should definitely be proud of yourself for persisting in your search and having the courage to talk about what you've experienced and have been feeling! Smiley Very Happy Thank you for continually sharing your journey with us, it will definitely help others facing the same situation you are. And I hope it was a helpful and meaningful appointment for you! Please do let us know how it went ~ All the best Heart