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Weed addiction

Hi everyone, I'm addicted to smoking weed. It started off fairly innocent, I had never tried it and wanted to see and what do you know, it's pretty good. It was exclusively with my friends since my parents wouldn't like it and that was fine. Then as things go on I start seeing my friends less and less until the only 2 people I hang out with are massive stones. I guess I might have picked up the bad habit from them but I know it was my inadvertant decision to do so. Its been 2 and a half years since I started and I never thought it would turn out like this. Its gotten to I need it every day now, and it's all I can think about when I don't have it. I don't think of myself as that much of a smoker but I just NEED it. It's what I rely on to change my mood, and most of the time it doesn't anyway. I usually don't even feel that great of a high but my body wants it and who am I to say no? I've tried quitting, but it turns into the vicious cycle of quit-go through withdrawls-think in doing really good-smoke some weed as a treat and BAM I get right back in that slump. I know its dumb, but i always think it will make the situation that much better or I'll seem cooler or something. I just want it to change who I am and I think I'm still waiting for that to happen in the way I want it to. It has certainly done it in the way I don't want it to. I want to stop, but how? What if I go back to it again because I do actually like it sometimes? Do I ease myself off it a day at a time or just dive in? How on earth do I discipline myself? Thank you for your time 

Re: Weed addiction

Dear @Brobocop ,


I know of someone who was in similar shoes to you. They came clean by going through a week of Detoxification at their local hospital and then rehab with an institute. You should try it, I know that it would probably be a long and hard journey, but as long as you have that drive to stop you can do it!


Good luck Heart

Re: Weed addiction

Hey @Kokacola,

Thanks for the reply Smiley Happy I'm glad to hear that your friend was able to go through with all that and come out ok on the other side. While they are certainly options to mull over I'm not sure I'm at the point of rehab just yet. Although I think that could be just because I know so little about it. I'd really like to try tame this through my own means, I've tried so many times and wanted it for so long that I think if I can do this without the help of needing to rely on medication or rehab I'll make myself especially proud.

Re: Weed addiction

I think it is great that you are reaching out for some support and advice around how to manage your drug use @Brobocop. It sounds like this has been on your mind for a while, so it is really awesome that you are still open to trying different strategies!


I recommend reading some of ReachOuts articles about addiction as you might find them to be helpful and informative. I also recommend that you see a medical professional such as your GP if you are having some concerns about your drug use. Your GP should be able to support you further and may be able to provide you with some other useful resources such as local centres.


You may also find it helpful to talk to a counsellor about developing some useful strategies. You can talk to a counsellor at Headspace or Kids Helpline. Directline is another counselling service that you could use that is specifcally for drug and alcohol use counselling. Hopefully you find these resources to be helpful! Please feel free to keep us updated Smiley Happy

Re: Weed addiction

Hi @Brobocop! Welcome to the forums!
Your experience sounds scary, but sadly, it's not uncommon for people to get addicted to a drug after only trying it a few times. I've seen a lot of people on the forums who also want to cut down on their use of weed. It can be a really vicious cycle and it can be hard to break out of a habit that you've had for a long time. Smiley Sad
I really admire you for wanting to reduce using weed. So many people don't even get to that stage. I think you have a lot of insight into why you are using it and what's stopping you from quitting.
What benefits do you think you will experience from smoking less weed?

Re: Weed addiction

Hi @Brobocop, welcome and I want to say that I'm super proud that you have recognised that something is harmful to you and you want to move beyond it! That's a really strong show of your character and is half of struggle!


I second @Sophia-RO that there are a lot of helplines and resources for people struggling with addiction. A lot of the problem with quitting is that while drugs produce happy endorphins that may make you feel awesome, but it can take away from those happy feelings coming up used when you do other things that are better for you. I think one thing that may help as @WheresMySquishy has said is to make a list of the cons of smoking, and the pros of not. As you've said, it doesn't seem to work as well anymore, which to me is a big con and reason to stay away. What are some pros that you can think of if you don't smoke? Would it make you feel proud of yourself?


Maybe you can also set some concrete goals for yourself. For example, if you don't smoke for 3 months or however long is challenging for you, you can give yourself a reward that isn't smoking. Maybe buying yourself something awesome that you wouldn't normally even of dream of treating yourself to! Or I know that some people who smoke cigarettes will buy themselves something really cool that's the same price that they would have spent on smoking in the same period of time. 

Re: Weed addiction

I do not think that weed cause addiction. It depends on you, I think is more about mind and how you think. For example I am smoking weed for relaxing and I do that very often, let say one time for a week for sure and I do not have problems with that, there are like months when I do not consume it and there are periods when I smoke it every day. I think all depends on you and how you look at all this. It is like chocolate or fast food, sometimes you want something bad haha. You can check best dispensary in Vancouver , they have good prices.

Re: Weed addiction

Hi, it's been a while since you post the thread, just wanna pop up and check whether everything is ok with you. How are things going with your addiction, do you find any advice is useful? Feel free to speak if you have any questions!