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[CHAT] Workin' hard for the money


The first job I ever had was working in a fast food joint after school and on weekends. I remember wanting to quit in the first week because it was all too new and I didn’t like the manager. I also remember how exciting it was to get my first pay, and I’m pretty sure I spent it immediately on new clothes and forgot all about wanting to leave. That’s pretty much how I spent every pay for two years straight, without a thought about saving for future things.


It wasn’t until schoolies came around that I realised I didn’t have enough saved to do all the things that had been planned! Luckily my parents chipped in and it all worked out, but they let me sweat it for a while. Being in a position where I realised I hadn’t managed my money as well as I should have wasn’t the best.

Starting a new job can be a pretty nerve wrecking experience, and working out what to do with your pay can be a little conflicting (for me: new clothes new clothes new clothes). Sometimes finding the right kind of job for you is harder said than done,  and resumes are pretty damn tricky.
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Re: Workin' hard for the money

Hey peeps! Welcome to tonights Getting Real session with  @EloiseRose  and @Chonty 

Tonight it's all about being money smart and tips on employment, hopefully we can come up with some ways on managing your money and handling those first jobs.


As always we want to keep this safe, fun and full of information! So make sure to stick to the guidelines and if anything comes up and you feel you might need to speak to someone, make sure to head on over to the Emergancy Help page 


Lets get rolling with the first question- Why is it so hard for young people to save money?

Re: Workin' hard for the money

hey @Chonty

 I reckon its so hard because everything costs so much money in AUS

Re: Workin' hard for the money

Why is it so hard for young people to save money?

I think it's because most people aren't taught to save. And society is also a now society, we want everything now and often don't think of the consequences.
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Re: Workin' hard for the money

Aw man that's true @EloiseRose , when you look at things online from overseas most of the time they're way cheaper. 

I also reckon it makes it hard if you haven't been taught money smarts in school. I never had anything in classes that lead to that conversation!

Re: Workin' hard for the money

hey @redhead, welcome! 

that's pretty spot on, I think we're all for the instant gratification sometimes

Re: Workin' hard for the money

@Chonty and @redhead  I totally agree. I mean i know we learnt maths at school but nothing like "saving money" kind of maths !! I still dont understand really . esp big words like TAX, and super... what ? hah

Re: Workin' hard for the money

Why is it so hard for young people to save money?
OOOh, good question! Sometimes I don't even know where all my money goes and I have to backtrack through receipts and my transactions.
I know what @EloiseRose said, everything costs. SOO. MUCH!


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Re: Workin' hard for the money

@Bee and how sad can it get when you realise how much you've spent haha :<

Re: Workin' hard for the money

I agree with @redhead. We are a 'I want it now' society. We aren't taught to budget in school. And a lot of people have the mentality that their parents will be able to pay for everything.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ
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