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[SLOW-MO CHAT] Dealing with Bad days

Bad Days.

We all have them from time to time, and while it can feel like they follow us where we go,

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We can learn to identify when bad days may be approaching

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and learn how to deal with them to make the most of them

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Join us this week starting on Monday 10th September with a new question each day!

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: [SLOW-MO CHAT] Dealing with Bad days

Hello! And welcome to this week's chat on bad days!


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First question of the week: 

1. What does a 'bad day' mean to you? How do you recognise your bad days?

Re: [SLOW-MO CHAT] Dealing with Bad days

Thanks for kicking it off with our first question @N1ghtW1ng! Smiley Happy

1. What does a 'bad day' mean to you? How do you recognise your bad days?
To me a bad day can be one of several different things. Most commonnly a bad day for me is when I am overwhelmed and consumed by my mental illnesses - where I'm experiening multiple symptoms of Depression and/or Anxiety. Sometimes I can manage these but on a really bad day I can't manage them and I am totally consumed. I may issolate myself to protect myself or others so I don't lash out or display no patience or understanding of others.
Recognising my bad days depends on the type of bad day. For a bad Depression day I don't want to get out of bed, I don't want to socialise or be around people. I feel low and feel like I've got a raincloud above my head constantly raining on me. During the day I may be unfocused and restless - where nothing fully captivates me and I'm just overxome by sadness I don't know what to do. Its numbness to the point I feel nothing.
An Anxious day I wake tired and restless. I'm worrying about the day ahead, if I have an apt I'm restless and all consumed by that apt - "what will happen?", "will I make a fool of myself?", "will this person be nice if I do something weird?", "what if I can't cope and I break down into tears and become a blubbering mess!?", "what if...", "what if...", "what if..." IT CONSUMES me fully and at times the Anxiety will continue to consume me and over analyse the apt and worry about what I did or didn't say.
Sometimes a bad day will spring on me part way through the day also and it does all the same things.

Wow that was an intense and long answer! I can be so insightful at times 😛🙂

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: [SLOW-MO CHAT] Dealing with Bad days

question 1

a bad day to mean is either stress or mental illnesses getting in the way of daily things or just people being plain mean ! whether im really anxious and restless or got a big cloud over my head and being the “debbie downer”.

Re: [SLOW-MO CHAT] Dealing with Bad days

1, What does a bad day mean to you? how do you recognise your bad days?

A bad day for me is when my mental health consumes me more than usual this could be in the form of rapid mood switches, high anxiety or depression. I usually have an ok grip on my mental health but some days wow it can be so hard. on my bad days, my moods change either quickly or i find it hard to bring myself up out of depression or lower my anxiety levels, my motivation is even lower, i get self harm urges and my suicidal thoughts try to consume me.

i can really relate to what @Bee has described.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: [SLOW-MO CHAT] Dealing with Bad days

Great responses @litgym @scared01 Smiley Happy
Bad days can be so hard to deal with sometimes hey?

Can't wait for tomorrow's question! Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: [SLOW-MO CHAT] Dealing with Bad days

Woah I love all these amazing responses @Bee @scared01 @litgym!! Bad days can be really bad, can't they? (so eloquent Smiley Tongue)


It's time for today's question..... we've discussed what bad days can feel like and how we recognise them and now.....

2. What are some strategies you can use to deal/cope with bad days?

Re: [SLOW-MO CHAT] Dealing with Bad days

I also forgot to add in how exhausting bad days can be! So there's that too!


@N1ghtW1ngyes they can be bad indeed! Hence they're called Bad days Smiley Tongue


2. What are some strategies you can use to deal/cope with bad days?

To cope with bad days there are a number of things I do and in no particular order I'm going to dot point some of them Smiley Happy

  • Take some deep breaths and check in with myself and body - am I tried? Hungry? Thirsty? Overwhelmed? Anxious?
  • Give myself some time to calm down if I'm anxious - sometime this is some deep breaths to reorientate and compose myself and tell myself I can deal with it later, which co-incides with the above dot point.
  • Take some chill out time alone - netflix, colouring in. These allow me to escape my situation and allow myself to lessen the effect of intense emotions, they are also things I enjoy and find happiness in seeing my finished colouring page. It has multiple different benefits for me Smiley Happy
  • Positive thought activities such as Three positives of today, What are you proud of?, I smiled because..., Today I'm Grateful For... these activities help to centre and calm myself, they allow me to take a stock view at the positives in my life
  • Journaling. This is something that I can't always do, sometimes the things are too painful to write about the emotions that come from writing or typing it are too painful for me to deal with in the moment, so I leave it and come back to it later, other times the act of letting those painful emotions come out and experience them is exactly what I need to enjoy the happy times.
  • Remembering about wise mind and checking in with me that I'm sitting in a wise mind place (this is directly from a therapy called Dialectal Behaviour Therapy - DBT, which I have worked on with my psychologist)

These are my most common strategies and how they work for me as an individual. I've learnt, adapted and altered how I use strategies and when with the help of my amazing psychologist.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: [SLOW-MO CHAT] Dealing with Bad days

question 2

most of my strategies are similar to @Bee

- 5 senses

- breathing ! it’s so simple but really helps when you’re anxious !!

- quiet time to relax and give yourself a break

- writing poetry

that’s about it tbh

Re: [SLOW-MO CHAT] Dealing with Bad days

Those are some fantastic strategies @Bee @litgym! It's interesting to see that strategies often overlap with other people, they must be good ones!


Sorry about missing yesterday! Wednesday's and today's questions will be posted together Smiley Happy Can't wait to hear the responses!

3. Do you think it's possible to turn a bad day into a good day? How?


4. How can you help someone else who is having a bad day?


@scared01 @Bee @litgym