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Anyone want to chat?

Hi everyone. I'm a new member here.


Not sure what to say, so would anyone like to chat, about anything?


Re: Anyone want to chat?

Yes please !


I'm turning 16 and both my parents death and my sisters death within a year hurts .

Then i go to a girls boarding school I'm pregnant. I get help from specialists.


I'm kind to the girls but no one really wants to talk to me .


I had a "friend ' who knew my pain but used me and I feel ashamed I fell for her toxic friendship.- I supported her and everything but she didn't me it was always her ,her .then I have a best mate and he knows about everything and my pain but due to her manipulative behaviour , he's brainwashed and I miss him .


I feel so alone even though I have a small group of online friends .


I wear vintage and I'm old souled I live in Brisbane





Re: Anyone want to chat?

Hey @Vintage2 Sending you a warm welcome to ReachOut! It's so important to connect with others when going through a hard time and it sounds like you have been through a lot. I wanted to send you my deepest condolences, losing so many close people to you must be so hard. How are you coping with it all? 


Also, it's great that you have support from specialists. Do you mind if I ask how far along in you are with your pregnancy? 


Re: Anyone want to chat?

Hello .


I have the necessary support here and I'm going to have my little one in June 29th this year 💕