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Re: Chit Chat

@Tiny_leaf  Ouch! Smiley Sad We were wondering whether to do a nerve study for the nerve problems I had in my arms, but my physio said that it probably wouldn't show anything. I'm kind of glad I didn't do it now. I don't think they did it for my sister.

I know it can be hard to look on the bright side, but I'm glad you have a likely explanation for your symptoms now. Have your doctors said anything about treatment?

Re: Chit Chat

@WheresMySquishy it really hurt Smiley Sad

I'm personally glad I agreed to it though, because my nervous system decided to almost perfectly mimic a couple of physical nerve disorders to make everything extra confusing. Apparently I tend not to show "classic" signs of 90% of my issues.


I've somehow stumbled across a really really good physio.

Like I came in for very short term help for neck pain and left with a practical treatment plan and a (finally clarified) diagnosis of a Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder. And with a slightly less sore neck!

Re: Chit Chat

@Tiny_leaf  That sounds pretty frustrating. Smiley Sad

It's great that you've found a good physio though! Smiley Happy I feel like you have to 'shop around' to find a good physio these days, unfortunately. I always prefer physios who give you some kind of plan, especially if they write it down.

Re: Chit Chat

@WheresMySquishy because I originally went to just ask him to rescue my shoulder (which doesn't enjoy being used to walk with my cane) so I didn't do a full "screening" of him.

I think I just got really lucky somehow...


Re: Chit Chat

I feel exactly the same way. I keep feeling down about my future. everything to do with the planet makes me stress out. I'm trying to get my mum to have a Green Kitchen

and encourage her to be more sustainable but it always seems to fall on deaf ears.


Sorry if i changed the topic too much

Re: Chit Chat

@liveforour it can be frightening huh..?

We actually have a thread on managing climate change anxiety, I can find you the link if you want.

There's still a lot you can do without your mum's help though. (especially if you have a garden)

Re: Chit Chat

That would be amazing if you could find it.

I dont know why i feel so anxious about it. Maybe its the lack of control

Re: Chit Chat

Hey @liveforour 


Welcome to ReachOut and thank you for opening up about what's been causing you anxiety at the moment. Climate anxiety is a valid thing to go through - it's an overwhelming situation to become aware of and it can be hard when you feel like not enough is being done to address it. 


As @Tiny_leaf  mentioned we do have a thread especially for these kinds of conversations here. I'd encourage you to head over to that thread and give it a read. You'll find that you're not alone in this and also some tips on how to cope Heart 

Re: Chit Chat

Thanks @Bre-RO !

That's the thread I was thinking of!

Re: Chit Chat

Hi everyone! How are we all going today?



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