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Detective/Mystery Games

Detective/mystery games are a bit of a tradition in my family. I believe my first games of this type were Sam & Max Hit the Road and Numbers Undercover, which seems to be so obscure that I recently had to do some real-life sleuthing to find it again based on my memories. This makes me feel very old. Smiley Embarassed
Over the years, we've stepped into roles such as an investigator, judge, executioner and even the culprit (which can make for some interesting conversations when you're playing with or against your family or friends).

They usually involve gathering 'clues' and information and constructing a version of events.
They may (but not always) involve inductive or deductive reasoning.
Sometimes the investigator (who may not always be a detective) might use certain tools to help solve the case, such as forensic gadgets, or they might be aided by supernatural abilities, or a combination of both.
The cases can be unrelated to each other, or they can follow a common theme. They may not necessarily be about finding a 'culprit', or figuring out a crime or malicious act. I'm also happy to discuss games where the investigation is a side rather than a main feature of the game.

I'd love to find some other fans of these kinds of games on the forums! Smiley Happy I'll try to keep any spoilers to a minimum and not go into specifics or detail, but there may be spoilers anyway.

A word of warning: Some of the cases in these kinds of games can be unsettling, disturbing, sad, tragic, triggering, etc. I recently binge watched someone playing a game that wasn't released in Australia and I may have shed a tear or two in the process... and I've seen a lot of cases. If you find this conversation distressing and feel like you need some support, you can contact the services listed here.

Re: Detective/Mystery Games

I haven't really been much of a gamer (aside from Sims + Animal Crossing Smiley LOL), but I love the sound of these type of games and would definitely love to get into them more one day! I love real life escape rooms and unsolved mysteries so I'd assume my interests will cross over. Smiley LOL

I have played one game for uni that might fit around the theme, it's called 'Gone Home' and it's such a beautiful game Heart. It's hard to praise it without spoilers, ahah, and as a game that's more like an interactive story it's best to go into it not knowing anything, but what I can say is that it does portray LGBT+ themes very well. Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Detective/Mystery Games

@Hozzles  I love The Sims and Animal Crossing too! It feels like it's been ages since I last played them. We're so getting the new Animal Crossing game on the Switch though. Smiley Happy

That game sounds so cool! I haven't played it but I'm sure my family and I would like it.
Judging by the trailer, it kind of reminds me of Another Code: Two Memories. That game was also about exploring a house finding out what happened to a family. As I was young at the time, it kind of scared and chilled me a few times, but I liked it so much that I completed it again and got to see a few different endings.

Some people don't like detective games that are heavy on the plot and reading, but I love games that tell a story. Another detective game I always recommend to people is Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. You do have to solve puzzles but we got totally hooked on the story and would stay up because we wanted to see what would happen next. It was so well written that even some of my family members who weren't interested at first were quickly engrossed in solving the mystery. It's also hard for me to talk about it without giving spoilers.

Re: Detective/Mystery Games

Yoooooo, there's this one game that I'm currently playing that I freaking love. It's called Grim Fandango. And everything about it is amazing.



Re: Detective/Mystery Games

@ApplesRoses  Grim Fandango is amazing! I don't remember ever playing it but I've played other games from the same developer back on my very first PC. They were like the OG of detective videogames!
I really should play it now that the remastered version is on the Switch. I think it's great that these types of games are having a bit of a Renaissance lately. The first three Ace Attorney games also got a re-release this year. I read that realMyst is also coming to the Switch.