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am feeling lonely

need friends.

Re: am feeling lonely

Hi @emmanuel93748 


Thanks for sharing and welcome to ReachOut. 


It sucks that you're feeling lonely. I'm glad you've joined our forum though because our users are often very supportive and offer great advice on how to make friends. 


Is that what you're looking for? Ways to make new friends? I'd encourage you to elaborate on what you're wanting exactly so that users know how to better help you. I only suggest you do this to maximize your chances or receiving good quality support. 


Also, since you're a new user, please read our guidelines here. We tend to share these guidelines with new users to ensure everyone is using the forum correctly Cat Happy

Re: am feeling lonely

hello and welcome

happy to talk to you anytime
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: am feeling lonely

Hey @emmanuel93748 !


How are you feeling today? It's nice to meet you.