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Re: let's be friends!

That's not boring!
What kind of music do you like?
And do you play an instrument?

Sorry, I'm just trying to help. Smiley Happy

Re: let's be friends!

No I don't play an instrument.


Rock and metal music is all I like.



Re: let's be friends!

That's pretty cool. I listen to a range of music, but mainly worship music or pop songs.

Do you have a favourite food?

Re: let's be friends!

Not really, do you?

Re: let's be friends!

 I'm nearly 16 I live in Queensland, and I'm a double orphan and lost my sister too . I go to a girls boarding school .


I love vintage clothing and tea and I'm a monarchist , love hats and I miss my best mate he was a pommy a girl manipulated him - she was a toxic girl . - she brainwashed him and me to do her stuff like get her boyfriend and it was all her 

I'm in need of a friend please .



Re: let's be friends!

Hi there @Vintage2 , 


Welcome to the ReachOut forums, we're really happy to have you here!


50Th Anniversary GIF by Sesame Street


Just to let you know, I had to edit a few details from your post because they might identify you (your name and your location), just to keep your post in line with our community guidelines. 


I'm sorry to hear that you're missing your best friend, that sounds really rough. We hope you enjoy getting to know the community here, it's a really fun place with some really supportive people Smiley Happy


What kind of vintage clothing do you like? 


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Re: let's be friends!

Hello !!! I understand and that's fine. 


Where do I start ???? Well I love vintage from the 20s to 49s and I wear all genuine including hats and gloves 💕 it also helps in this time of pain too .

Re: let's be friends!

Re: let's be friends!

Hi everyone!! I would love to be friends with anyone who's willing!! Happy to talk or listen, or just share memes, that's fine too!! Smiley Tongue

Re: let's be friends!

oh yea, I'm 14 years old, and I love reading, random crafts, and reptiles! I'm currently reading Robin Hobb's books (if you like fantasy, check them out, they're amazing!) and making dice bags for my D&D campaign. I am a proud fantasy and sci-fi (but mostly fantasy) nerd! Smiley Tongue  I'm really introverted, and listen a lot more than I talk, but if there's an interesting conversation happening, I'll happily join in!!  I play a couple of instruments, including piano, guitar and voice, and my favourite music currently is Pentatonix!