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online friendship making!

Hi guys! I am new to this forum writing thingy.. But since most people have to stay at home because of the virus I thought why not start connecting with people instead of being a lonelybum.. SO lets introduce ourselves and people can reply to those they are interested in talking to. I'll start Smiley Happy


My top interests? I love to make people laugh, I love to try new foods! I game, at the moment im playing pokemon & animal crossing, im interested in science, selfwellness, culture, arts.. 


What im currently doing? I work part-time as a waitress and I study full-time... but I dont think I want a job in what im studying but im still planning to finish and then figure out what I really want to do. I'm 18 and live at home w my mum.


Last shows I've watched: The Simpsons and Sex Education


Places I want to go to one day: Japan and Italy


Goals in lyf: to feel at peace, to one day have my own home, to make a great group of friends, to do adventurous things like skydiving or somethin


Re: online friendship making!

Hey @Symphony7! Welcome to the forums! Heart You're absolutely right, keeping connected during this time is very important, and I'm glad you found ReachOut! Smiley Very Happy

It seems we have a lot in common! I would also love to travel to Japan and Italy, I love science, arts, etc, and I love Animal Crossing! Heart

I love that you included your goals! It's such an important thing to maintain a positive image of the future right now. I feel like I have similar goals Smiley Happy. Are you currently taking any steps to meet your goals, I was wondering? What's some everyday things you can start now to feel more at peace with yourself? Smiley Very Happy
And also -- skydiving is so much fun (though I admit I did do it a while ago). I've been both skydiving and bungy jumping, so shoot any questions my way. Smiley Tongue

We also have an introduction thread here if you'd like to answer more silly questions! Smiley Tongue


Re: online friendship making!

Hi @Symphony7! Welcome to the forums! It's lovely to meet you. Smiley Happy

Like you, I'm also spending a lot of time at home at the moment. I also love Pokemon and Animal Crossing!
I made a thread where fans of Animal Crossing can connect here.
I've also watched a few episodes of Sex Education, though my mum has watched more than me. I'd love to go to Japan one day!
I've never gone skydiving, but I once swam with sharks.

Someone else also made another fun thread here with some questions we can ask each other while we're self-isolating, if that's something you're interested in. Smiley Happy


Re: online friendship making!

Heya @Hozzles , you've made this thread so wholesome, thank you! It's nice to meet ya..

I think staying at home has actually given me the opportunity to have sometime to recollect & think about my life. (But I still hope we dont have to stay inside for too too long). I started keeping a notebook to keep track of my goals and to just mind dump which has helped me feel more confident, and I'm starting to incorporate more stretching and some exercises into my day - it's difficult at first but it puts me into a really good mindset!

Nuff about me thou, what are your goals and how do you plan to achieve them? whatever they are I know you got this! How did skydiving and bungyjumping make you feel?

Ill definely check that thread out. Ty ^-^


Re: online friendship making!

Hellooo @WheresMySquishy lovely to meet you too!
It seems that we have so much in common
what have you been up to while being at home?
ill defs check out both threads, animal crossing fans unite Smiley Happy)

Re: online friendship making!

@Symphony7  My parents decided it was the perfect time to install new lights in our house. We got downlights in our upstairs area and balcony, lights on the wall next to the stairs and an LED strip going across my sister and I's big desk. They change colour with an app and can sync to music. Smiley Happy
I've only been able to go out once this week to go to my ophthalmologist's (they're still open but there are only a few patients there at once and they have a lot of measures in place now). This week, I also finished a few free online courses I've been doing, spoke to someone over the phone about postgraduate courses and I signed up to an online volunteering thing. Other than that, I've been watching a lot of Netflix and playing heaps of Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Smiley Happy The game couldn't have been released at a better time. I think that more shops are going to close so it's going to be harder to go out in the next few weeks. Smiley Sad
What have you been up to?