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that takes the cake

what is yourFavourite cake ?


my personal Favourite cake is chocolate cheese cake .. yum!


Re: that takes the cake

Chocolate cake with mocha frosting. YUM! (now I'm hungry!) Smiley Happy



Re: that takes the cake

ohhh chocolate cheesecake sounds really good! Gloria Jeans Oreo's cake is totally my weakness

Re: that takes the cake

Mmmmm Cake Smiley Happy

My current favourite is carrot cake, love that icing!

Re: that takes the cake

I like almost any cake Smiley Tongue We had rich chocolate cake today at work as a celebration for someone changing positions in the company, so that was pretty awesome Smiley Very Happy

Re: that takes the cake

Yummmm Red Velvet cake AMAZING...

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Re: that takes the cake

I have NEVER had red velvet cake! I feel like I've been missing out!

I love all cake! Smiley Very Happy Any cake. Now I really want chocolate cake!! Smiley Sad

Re: that takes the cake

A lady at my TAFE bakes the best cakes for morning tea for us every week. She even manages to make the things you dont like in a cake taste  awesome!

Re: that takes the cake

You guys sure know how to make me crave something! Smiley Tongue


I love ice cream cake - it's always been my favourite.

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Re: that takes the cake

oooh I LOVE choc cheescake too.
And just about anything with cream cheese frosting - especially red velvet which has recently leaped ahead of my previous favourite, carrot cake.

mmmMMMMMmmmmmmmm CAKE!