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Angry at Myself

Everything always feels like I'm in a bubble, I can see the outside world, yet I'm always trapped in my own brain. I hate it, I hate myself, and don't know how or when it will end. I just want to be positive and happy, and to stop feeling sick and grinding my teeth constantly. It's all my fault and I just need to snap out of this stupid damp state I'm in.

Re: Angry at Myself

Hey @Blurryphaced I haven't talked to you here yet so welcome to RO Smiley Happy

I've had a quick skim through your other posts and seems there is a lot going on for you!
It sounds like it's tough to feel like your in a bubble, trapped inside your own brain. I can't imagine how that must feel.

It's been a little while since you've posted, so I wanted to ask how you are doing now? Has the feeling subsided any or gotten easier to cope with?


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