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A little back story, My Father struggles with Anxiety and panic attacks and I never realized how serious it was for him until i hit my freshmen year in high school. Weird thing is, ive always felt like there was something wrong with me as early as middle school but i couldnt pinpoint what until 2 years ago. I just got diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder and its honestly the bane of my existence. Sleep is probably the hardest thing I can do and thats the same for social interactions. Whats weird is I have a pretty good friend group and no one ever notices how anxious and how horrible i feel 24/7. I fear everything and i always feel like im going to die of some serious health problem or people that I care for the most are going to die. I cant even sleep without thinking im going to die in my sleep and its the most horrible feeling.

Re: Anxiety

@Brandon8112, I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through this, I know it must be tough, especially since it seems as though you're losing a lot of sleep over this. You said that you were recently diagnosed, is this your GP/Psychiatrist/Psychologist? Have they offered any ways to help you in dealing with your anxiety? You also mention your dad having a similar condition, are you comfortable talking about it with him? Maybe, since he has experience of living with anxiety and panic attacks, he can offer you some advice? 

Re: Anxiety

Yes, it was my psychologist that diagnosed me and im going to therapy to help cope with the anxiety. also, i have talked to my father because i wanted some advice. his advice worked hence why i am going to therapy but its just the constant feeling of doom that i cant get around. I just really hope that with time and help i can get over this.

Re: Anxiety

Ah ok, I see. Well I'm glad you've reached out to others and you're taking the steps to get better. I'm really sorry that this constant feeling of doom is hanging around you. I'm sure with the right psychologist it will get better. I know it's really difficult right now, and that really sucks, but just hang in there! 

Re: Anxiety

Hi @Brandon8112,


Thanks for reaching out for support. It sounds like you are going through a lot and I can't imagine what that constant feeling of doom is like for you. I'm really glad to hear you are getting some support, both professionally and through your father. It sounds like you are doing all the right things and like @someone123 said, it is just a matter of hanging in there until things start to improve.


Please keep an eye on your emails, I'll be sending one through Smiley Happy


- Hayley R/O