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Bushfires: How to cope



Coming into Summer, we have seen many areas of Australia impacted by Bushfires. This week we want to acknowledge all those impacted by bushfires, and to the wider community who are feeling the weight of natural disasters such as bushfires.  If you are feeling worried, it is okay- you are not alone!


There has been a lot of media coverage of the bushfires this month. When disasters like bushfires happen, it can feel really overwhelming to know how to respond and look after yourself and your community. If you are feeling concerned about the bushfires, there are places you can go for support and things you can do to help your communities.

Where to get help? (if you are in a bushfire affected area):

  • Follow the advice of your local state fire brigade and authorities if you are in a bushfire affected area of Australia (Here are all the state based fire services: NSW RFS, QLD RFS, VIC, SA, TAS, NT, WA, ACT)
  • For emergency help, call 000

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What can I do if I am feeling stressed about the bushfires?


As a community, let's support each other through this tough time Heart

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Have other ideas about how to look after yourself and your community during bushfire season? You can share them here 

Re: Bushfires: How to cope

@Jess1-RO I think this is a really nice post Heart
I have no doubt that it will be very beneficial for those affected by this horrible disaster Smiley Happy

Re: Bushfires: How to cope

Thanks @Bananatime04!


I am also going to link a few more resources to this thread I found this morning:



Re: Bushfires: How to cope

I'm not in an area where the fires are but I just wanted to hop on here to let those who have been affected know we're thinking of you here on the forums. <3

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Re: Bushfires: How to cope

Re: Bushfires: How to cope

@Jess1-RO  I am personally not affected by the bushfires, but I think this post will help a lot of people.

Thinking of everyone affected by this tragedy. Heart

Re: Bushfires: How to cope

All my love to those who have already been affected by bush fires this fire season Heart

Re: Bushfires: How to cope

Hey all,


Bushfire season has now also arrived down south Smiley Sad For any fellow Victorians, tomorrow is a total fire ban day, including a CODE RED/CATASTROPHIC in the Mallee and Northern Country regions. If you live in either of these regions, please try and head south TONIGHT if you can.




I'd really encourage everyone to check out what their fire district is here.


It's definitely a bit of a scary time, so if anyone needs to chat, we are here Heart

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Re: Bushfires: How to cope

Thanks for flagging @lokifish Heart


There are so many young people and families across the country currently feeling the stress and impact of bushfires Heart Just a reminder that if you are in a bush fire affected area, follow the directions of local authorities.


If you are not in a bush fire affected area at the moment, you may still be feeling stressed about bush fires. If you are feeling stressed today, we encourage you to look after yourself and your communities. Need a starting point for self care? We have you covered! 


What can I do to manage my stress today? 


If you need to chat, you can make a new topic here and talk it through with our community- we got your back! It's times like this where we see the resilience of communities coming together to support each other. We are here for you 


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Re: Bushfires: How to cope

I hope that everyone is staying safe. Heart

A lot of people are getting sick from the smoke.
I went into the city earlier this week and it was just so bad. It was so hazy. Smiley Sad
Here  are some health precautions for keeping safe in the conditions.