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Do I have Aspergers?

Hi all,


Someone in my class in school has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, and people treat him slightly differently to 'normal people'. Recently I have started to notice that other people in my year are treating me in a similar way that they are treating him. I took an AQ test and got a score of 28, which apparently means I have a chance of having Aspergers. I found that I exhibit many of the symptoms of Aspergers, including a fascination with numbers and especially being socially anxious. I have worried for a while that I have a mental condition that no one has told me about, and this has only strengthened my worries. Any thoughts?



Re: Do I have Aspergers?

@Zac01 Welcome to ReachOut! Thank you for so bravely posting your concerns here! 


I'm so sorry people are treating you and your peer differently. 


I can't say whether or not you do have Asperger's but if you're concerned, it might be something worth talking to a health professional about as they know more about it and they're the ones that make the diagnosis. You said you feel like you might have a mental condition people are not telling you about. Could you ask family/friends if this is the case? Also, remember that we are all unique and probably all have certain symptoms of a lot of things, but that doesn't mean we have that thing! 

Re: Do I have Aspergers?

Hey @Zac01, it's a big stress when we are worried and have questions about our physical health, and an even bigger stress when it's do with our mental health. 

I wonder if you have spoken to a professional about this yet? 


Welcome to RO =)

Re: Do I have Aspergers?

Hey Zac!
Thankyou for sharing with us on Reachout, Aspergers is a bit close to my heart and I was wondering if you'd like to hear my story?
I grew up with two cousins on each side of my family who have Aspergers, they both were super shy growing up and when we'd all play together I would often wonder why they weren't as excited to play with us.
Years on now one cousin works for a massive computer company, he's ridiculously successful in his work and he talks probably even less than he did when he was younger but that's okay. He's a really lovely bloke and when I ask him about his work I can't believe the things he can do! I have never been that smart!
The other cousin has just turned 18. She sometimes gets frustrated in social situations which can pass off as anger but she's been working on it and people always understand. Last year she worked 3 jobs to save to go to europe on a contiki tour and she just got back from that trip last week. She went completely on her own, and saw countries I have only dreamed about. I'm 22 and I still don't think i'm brave enough yet to travel alone..
I guess by sharing you my stories of people I'm close to who have Aspergers diagnoses that hopefully you'll realize that any kind of mental condition doesn't define who you are, it's just one wonderful part of you. And no two people are the same regardless of whether they both have Aspergers.
By seeing a health professional it can help to understand yourself more, but I hope if you do have AS you know that it doesn't make you anymore different than any other person, and it doesn't make you any more normal either. I like to think no one is 'normal', it's just an unrealistic social construct!
Take care! ✌🏼️

Re: Do I have Aspergers?

Hey @Zac01


I agree with what the others have said about maybe going to a doctor and also talk to family members about your concerns. I just wanted to add, there is nothing wrong with any of the things you have stated, as @Randomness said all have little quirks that make us unique, and I think that's what makes everyone so interesting. Please let us know how you go Smiley Happy

Re: Do I have Aspergers?

Hi there @Zac01!
I completely agree with everyone!
Some of the loveliest, most beautiful and kind people I know have AS and it's this trait that makes them who they are.

A really enjoyable book I read on a man with Aspergers that I recommend you read (and everyone) is The Rosie Project. It's a hilarious novel and as the reader, you can't help but fall in love with the character. 

Re: Do I have Aspergers?

Hey @Zac01,

I can see that there are so many valuable opinions here. I think it really sucks that people are treating people who have Aspergers differently. Sometimes being diagnosed with any condition or illness can make us super worried and may change a few things about our life. I agree with everyone else, that a few first places you can consult is your family and local GP.

In my experience, people who receive diagnoses try not to let this OR labels define them. At the end of the day, everything that you are makes you unique and makes you YOU! Someone very close to me has Aspergers and nobody can notice at all. In my opinion, being socially anxious and having a fascination with numbers can just look like it's a personal preference or apart of your personality and there is nothing wrong with those things and doesn't mean you have a condition. For example, my friend with Aspergers wants to work in analytics which involves a lot of numbers!

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.
– Henry Ford

Re: Do I have Aspergers?

Hey @Zac01 Good on you for being proactive! I feel a GP would greatly help with further diagnosis and possible avenues etc. However, as many people have said here, AS is not a hinderance at all. Many people live productive lives and have great techniques to manage their anxiety or fixations. 


As for how others treat you, you have no control over that, but you do have control over how you respond. In my experience, its not worth your time to pay attention to those who attempt to bring you down. Best of luck with everything!