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Possibly seriously mentally ill

I've been hanging with these two girls recently, both are close to my age.


Anyway we've pretty much fallen out, its painfully obivously they didn't give two shits about me........they never gave a crap about me. The final straw came a few weeks ago, I invited them for a night out. They spent a great deal of time talking with each other and not really even talking to me about anything. I would try to say something but it would be brushed off fairly quickly. Anyway, they went off to do something and I decided that I should just leave, it wasn't worth it


Anyway I'm pretty heartbroken, I thought things was going well but over time they have a displeasure for me.....


Smiley Sad

Re: Possibly seriously mentally ill

Hey @MemphisBelle,

It sounds like you might feel like you are being left out. Sometimes this can make us feel quite isolated and alone. It can really suck and can make us feel really crap about ourselves. It isn't pleasant especially if we think the people ignoring us are our friends. I was just wondering about the title you wrote, are you feeling like this is really affecting your mental health?

Since you left your friends, have you had a chat to them? Have you mentioned how you have felt? Some people may act intentionally but sometimes people may not realise the impact of their actions. Could this be a possibility?

Let us know how you are going!


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Re: Possibly seriously mentally ill

Hey @MemphisBelle,
I'm sorry that this has happened, it's hard when friendships fall out. Have you spoken to either of these girls since it happened about how you're feeling? Do you think that's something you could do?

Re: Possibly seriously mentally ill

Hey @MemphisBelle


Friendships can be quite difficult and I would definitely start by having a chat with these two people about how you are feeilng. Like @T4ils said, they may have acted unintentionally and not realised they had upset you. However, if you are able to speak to them and they seem to not care for you, as you have said, it is might be best to move on. I know from experience how hard it is to be friends with people and have them leave you out and feel as though they do not care. It was very hard to let that all go and make new friends, but in the long run it has been the best thing I have done. There will always be people out there who will care for you, and who will want to be a great friend to you. Sometimes good friends can be hard to fine, but I promise that they are out there. I hope you're ok. And please keep us updated on how things are! 

Re: Possibly seriously mentally ill

Hi @MemphisBelle

Sorry to hear that you're feeling this way Smiley Sad

From experience going out in a group of three can be tricky because there's an unequal number of people and at times someone can feel left out. It's definitely happened to me before! It can be very helpful to tell them how you feel.

Please keep us updated! 

Re: Possibly seriously mentally ill

I think you are my twin, seriously, we are alike so much.  Please be my first facebook friend?  You can find me and all of my negative feelings, wanting to hide from the world, become homeless, etc.  I want to remain anonymous on facebook, so I don't use my name.  My latest dream is to move to India, where no one knows me.

Re: Possibly seriously mentally ill

Hey @stayaloneforeve welcome to RO! Thanks fo reaching out on the forums, your dream of moving to India sounds nice.

Though I am concerned about your negative feelings - anything you want to chat about with the RO community?


I need to edit your post due to the community guidelines [click here] due to the dot point


    • Remain anonymous –  don't seek out other users on social media. 

      It's very important, as it's a public forum, to keep all users on RO safe.

      Look forward to seeing you on the forums again soon! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Possibly seriously mentally ill

Hey @MemphisBelle, sounds like you are going through a tough social situation. Friendships can be difficult at the best of times as everyone varies in interests. Feeling left out is never a good feeling, so I am sorry you are feeling like this. have you broached the topic with your friends at all? Let them know how you feel and see what happens from there. Best of luck! 😊😊

Re: Possibly seriously mentally ill

I don't have a friend, so, no I have not reached out.  Feels better keeping it to myself.  The only thing that worrries me is my 17 yr old son, that I have to stay home to make sure he is not left alone  He inherited his depression from me, and so did my daughter.  He also has PTSD, Social Anxiety, Major Depression, due to his being bullied since 2nd grade.

Re: Possibly seriously mentally ill

Hiya @stayaloneforeve, moving to India sounds divine! I'd love to live overseas again. I understand that you're concerned about your son and his mental health. While this forum is for people under 26, ReachOut actually have a forum just for parents like yourself. You can access it here. Hope to see you over there!