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Feeling myself burnout

Hey everyone, 


So I am a super busy person. I am studying a double degree full-time at uni (online student), doing an advanced diploma of Japanese on the side (its online which helps), volunteering at 4 different places (however only 2 to 3 are consistent). I work as a dance teacher which is great because I love my job, and I recently just started picking up shifts at a retail store for extra money. 


So, that is summary of my main things that are keeping me busy. But that doesn't include time to spend with my boyfriend, family and friends, or even time to get out an exercise. Also, I am planning this big 21st birthday at the moment, a trip overseas and moving out mid-next year and learning 15 new dance routines for a possible dance job I might be getting. 


I love having lots to do, thats just me as a person. But I think I may have pushed it too far this year. I have been feeling really fatigued. I went to the doctor and got all the possible blood tests done, and everything came back normal. So I am just tired all the time. 


The actual problem is that I can't stop. I have suffered from OCD and anxiety in the past, which may be a factor because I don't want to fail.  and I love when people say things like 'woah I could never do what you do kind of thing' and its like it fuels my need to over achieve. Does anyone else get like this? I just don't know how to slow myself down before I burnout. 


Thanks guys. That was more of a complaining sesh, but it was good to get it out. 

Re: Feeling myself burnout

You sound pretty busy... maybe you could ask some friends to fill in ur shifts or quit a job for a while. dancing is awesome. i like dancing the pride of errin, the gypsy tap, the rumba, the swing and the evening three-step. what do u like to teach/dance? i understand not wanting to stop, though. i think i have OCD and i get anxiety whenever i am more that 3 meters off the ground. are there any pills you can take that will came ur emotions or help you relax? there's these oils that help you to relax but not to much so you don't want to do a little bit of work. i like how people compliment me on my good socializing skills and how insults just bounce off me, but i feel self doubt when they try to tell me that i look nice. ask for some help with ur friends/family and im sure they will.

Re: Feeling myself burnout

@Karinaskii i can understand a little on how you are feeling i am also doing a double degree at uni and have not taken a break at all. Between jobs and uni and prac a literally feel so drained in myself, it got to the point I wasn't sleeping and i could see myself ending up in a bad place. So I decided at first that once a day i would stop what i was doing and go for a walk in a new environment get out of the house for 30mins, I than gradually built up to having one day off a week where its "my day" and I will literally not do anything but watch netflix and just chill. I have started to feel so much better. We need to take care of ourselves before anything else because if were not functioning great than how we mean to do well at uni or at work!!! you need to "Treat yourself" Smiley Happy

Re: Feeling myself burnout

 i agree. teens need to relax a little because the studying and HW builds up- i can relate to that!

Re: Feeling myself burnout

hey @Karinaskii, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I definitely relate to what you said about needing to overachieve but as you pointed out it's a very good way to burn out.


When you get like this, it might be time to sort of buckle down and think about how if you push yourself too far, you might not be able to do any of the things you enjoy! As such, it's very strategic and necessary to take some time off to relax and wind down. 

Re: Feeling myself burnout

@Anna-RO It is actually comforting to know that someone else has been in the same position. I really like the idea of the walk. I used to be very good at going for walks everyday, so I might pick that up again. As for the day to myself, that will take a little longer to implement as at the moment I am on call for my retail job, so I never know when I am going to get called in. But it is definitely something strive for. Thank you so much for the suggestion!


 @mlang166 Hey! I teach a bit of everything, jazz, hip hop, tap, but my main strength is ballet and contemporary/lyrical. I do see a psychologist and he doesn't think I need any medication (I don't know how much he believe's in it). I have spoken to family and the only response I get is 'I told you so' practically. haha! I have been thinking of maybe doing like 10 minutes of meditating or yoga each day to switch off my brain for a little. Do you have any experience with that?


@DirtWitch Definitely an easy way to burn out! As I mentioned to @mlang166 I think I might do some yoga or meditation, just to have some me time during the day. And then work my way up to maybe an hour a day, and then to a whole day once a week for me. I think I just have to take it step by step, especially because I have made commitments, and can't just pull out. 

Re: Feeling myself burnout

Hi @Karinaskii

Oh my goodness, yes I completely feel you. 

You have so much on your plate. 

I feel like modern society also puts pressure on us to get as much experience as possible just to keep up. 

This actually happened to me recently, I overloaded my plate. What I did is I sat down and prioritised what was most important to me. Then I told myself that if I ever felt really down or over-stressed then I could 'release' my lowest priority, or else just put it on hold for now. Taking care of yourself is so important @Karinaskii!

I hope you feel better!

Re: Feeling myself burnout

@missep Thanks! It is comforting to hear from other people going or have been through a similar situation. I think that what you suggested is a good idea. I am already feeling better about my situation, I think the other day I was just having a rough day. But is clear that I need to have some me time amongst all my other commitments, and that is something I will have to work out. 

Re: Feeling myself burnout

@Karinaskiiholy crap do I relate to this. 

I understand exactly how you feel and I'm glad that you're now feeling a little bit better about it all!! If you're anything like me, some days it'll feel like you're absolutely nailing at life and other days it'll feel like you have 60 things to get done right this minute and everything feels incredibly out of control. 
I don't really have anything to add in terms of what else might help as everyone else on this thread has recommended what I find useful, but taking some time out and doing some yoga and meditation is honestly the best thing ever. The first time I did it I found it really hard to switch off as I was thinking about everything I had to do but after a couple of attempts it such a nice little break in the day and definitely something to look forward to Smiley Happy 

Let me know how things go! Where are you going overseas by the way? Smiley Very Happy

Re: Feeling myself burnout

@Karinaskii no problem! I'm glad you're feeling better. I feel like when you have lots of commitments you have good days and bad days and on the bad days it's especially important to take care of yourself Smiley Happy