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Re: How to manage creative energy

Hey @ferdie22,


It's so great that you are finding comfort and support within this community.  


I understand it may be difficult to decrease social media time, particularly as you would like to be in contact with others.  Thinking that people will forget about you must be very uncomfortable you.  How do you think you will go with less time on social media with this in mind? 


Comparing yourself with others and not thinking your good enough must be very hard to deal with.  I'm wondering if you have rather high expectations for yourself?  What do you think would help you believe that you are good enough?  Is there anything that you think would help you with increase your sense of being good enough?


There is no obligation for you to answer these questions on the forum if you do not wish to go there.  It is of course, your choice.  

Re: How to manage creative energy

I'm not sure - I think I use social media a lot as a way to distract myself so perhaps I need to find some other ways to keep myself occupied. I really wish work was giving me more shifts, I always feel so much better after a day at work because it's like I actually accomplished something.

I never thought I had high expectations for myself, I thought I actually have really low expectations so I never ended up trying very hard but that might just be because I have this voice in my head that there isn't any point trying anymore because I wont be able to achieve things to the extent that i want.


I think maybe finishing a project might help me believe I am good enough, or maybe even just being able to start a project at this point. But it feels impossible, like I've got too many ideas or too many things I want to do that it overwhelms me and I end up just sitting there doing nothing all day.

I wish that i could just make my brain focus on one thing at a time, but it's like it's no where and everywhere at the same moment. Maybe if I start making lists or journal-ling my thoughts it could help this?

Thank you for your responses. I really appreciate being about to talk about these thoughts to someone, even if my responses do seem sort of whiny haha.


Re: How to manage creative energy

Hey @ferdie22, I totally feel you about using social media as a distraction. I find myself guilty of that too. Sometimes I go from Tik Tok to Facebook to Instagram.... and probably back again. Have you thought of using time limits on your phone? Mine has a setting where you can shut off certain apps once your time is up or you can even monitor the time that you are spending on each app (if a time limit is a bit too much at the moment). Cutting down on social media use is definitely challenging and it might help to remember that it can be a process rather than something that happens quickly Smiley Happy

It sounds like your high standards are stopping you from getting started. I have definitely felt that way before too! Sometimes it is really hard to know where to get started, especially if it is a big or new task. Journalling and making lists might help you organise your thoughts a little better. Sometimes small lists/tasks/steps help, especially if you are tackling a massive idea. I personally like to tick off things as I go, so I get that sense of accomplishment which usually motivates me to keep pushing through. Do you think any of those strategies could help you?

Re: How to manage creative energy

Hahaha I feel you with that too, I always seem to exit twitter, then click back on it again straight away. Not to mention the obsession with Tiktok, I could scroll for hours - I think this is because it's so fast moving it keeps my brain really occupied.


Time limits on my phone sounds good, I think I would struggle to uphold them though especially when I've not nothing else really going on in my life at the moment. I think I need to learn how to enjoy spending time with myself again to be able to do this.


I think the idea of small lists might be good though, and I definitely agree that checking things off makes me feel accomplished. I think I also need to learn how to be happy with what I produce instead of feeling my worth is based off what important people think of me.


For example, there is someone on Instagram who I admire but despite having a few fun conversations with them they never followed me back, and this makes me really uninspired or frustrated. It sounds silly when I put it like that, haha. I wish I didn't need acknowledgement from important people to feel worth something. I know realistically they're just humans like I am, but I want so badly to be in that circle of people who are doted upon instead of being the person who does the 'doting'.


I also know the only way *to* get noticed is by producing more, or getting better at the work I'm producing, but I'm not sure this is really healthy.


I think this plays into that creative energy, and the feeling of never really being good enough.

Re: How to manage creative energy

I totally agree @ferdie22! I think it is definitely fast moving apps that are designed to keep you using the app. Before you know it, it has been hours.

That makes sense about the time limits, especially if you don't have a lot on at the moment. Do you think it would help to form some kind of routine with hobbies or other activities? That way, you can have a routine for doing things that you like or want to do. It might also help with motivation and progress towards your goals too. I know if I don't have a plan for the day, I sometimes end up doing nothing for majority of the day.

A lot of people rely on external validation, you definitely aren't alone. It can be such a difficult habit to kick but it is definitely possible. I have heard that is helpful to try to focus on what you enjoy about doing the work and why, as opposed to doing it to impress others. This comes back to what you said before about needing to be happy with what you have produced. I am wondering if you have thought of chatting to a professional about some of these issues that have come up for you? Smiley Happy