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How to manage creative energy

Maybe this is really specific, but I'm feeling so much recently like I want to create something or do something that people can watch or read and feel, but I know that I'm not gonna be able to get it done because Im not talented enough or have enough energy to keep a project running for that long.


And then I'll like.. convince myself I can do it and get a really big burst of energy and start to feel super inspired but then when I sit down to do it and realise how bad i am at everything.


I think this feeling might come from the fact that I do lots of fan writing and fan art before but theres such an urge to create something that people can love that is wholly mine. But its just so tiring.



Re: How to manage creative energy

Adding more to this but its like... like you want to do stuff, but only if it can be finished that instant, like I don't want to spend time on things because I know the inspiration is eventually going to fade again

Re: How to manage creative energy

Hey @ferdie22, I'm sorry you're going through this. I've experienced what you're going through, and I think a lot of other people will understand what you're going through as well. Creative work can be so challenging, especially when we aren't too happy with what we've produced.


Honestly, I'm not very good at consistently working on something, and I work in spontaneous energy bursts as well. I listen to music when I've drawn art, and it keeps me energised, so this could be something you could try out if you don't do it already? Going out for a walk also heightens my energy levels, so perhaps this could be another way to manage creative energy? I think other forms of self-care could also help - treating yourself to some delicious treats, journaling your thoughts, talking to others, etc. I've found that journaling helps me to challenge negative thoughts I have, so this could be something you might want to try?


The ReachOut community is here for you if you want to talk more, or need more support HeartHeartHeart

Re: How to manage creative energy

Thank you for replying! <3


They both sound like good ways of self care.


I think a lot of my frustrations come from the unreasonable envy I feel for people who have been able to make something, whether its an indie netflix series or book series. I so badly want to create a series or something that people can follow and love and feel impacted by, and I have lots of ideas in my head but theres a struggle to get them down on the page.


(Not that, I need to add, I dislike these people in any way, its incredible what these creatives are able to do, and so much of their shows and media have helped me in so many ways, I just want to be able to do that for people too)

Re: How to manage creative energy

@ferdie22 yes, this is exactly what I've experienced as well! It's totally valid to feel jealous, and I rly admire the fact that you've been able to open up about this on ReachOut. I also admire the fact that you want to make something that has an impact and can be loved by people. It tells me that you want to make a positive change to people's lives, which is rly sweet Heart


I try to tell myself that I will progress at my own pace, in my own way, and try not to compare myself to others too much. Perhaps you could try this out as well? Again, I rly admire your ability to open up about your experiences on ReachOut Smiley Very Happy

Re: How to manage creative energy

Thank you for your responces, it's really nice knowing I'm not the only one who feels like this.


I think you're right in saying I shouldn't compare myself to others, I think this is something I do a lot for lots of different reasons! Are there any ways in particular you combat this feeling?

Re: How to manage creative energy

Hi @ferdie22, thankyou so much for sharing here, as @featuringme also said, it is such a normal and valid response! In terms of combatting comparing to others - I was wondering if you have tried allowing those feelings to be a part of your wonderful, day to day human experience? In my own life I am trying (and often failing lol) to practice understanding that it is soooo normal to feel insecure and envious when I feel stuck, and am also trying to recognise that sometimes these feelings can actually inspire some creative and constructive expression if I am gentle with myself and focus on just enjoying the process!  I was also wondering if you would be open to collaborating with others for some inspiration or joining some online communities or forums where people discuss the creative process? Heart

Re: How to manage creative energy

Hey, @ferdie22 I have too experienced this. For me some strategies that helped with self-comparisons/reasoning behind it and how it made me feel. Was to detox my social media, to limit the amount of time I was on and what I was looking at. I also used the coping strategy of flipping each negative thought or telling myself that although they are ___ doesn't mean I cant be and I should let this inspire me not put me down until I believed it. I started slow and paced and soon change my thoughts around things for you it may be changing your thoughts to something more like if one person finds this inspiring I have done it or if I find inspiring and I think it looks good for me at this and then I know someone else will too. Although for you it may be more helpful to like @GioDes suggested to join a Facebook group to find a supportive community to boost your confidence to help you less harshly judge/compare yourself. 


@GioDes and @featuringme have given some great suggestions and thought-provoking comments.

Re: How to manage creative energy

Hi @ferdie22, that's what I constantly experience lol. I often want to paint something or write something, and I feel frustrated with my work cuz I think it's pretty bad, and it then makes me give up these creative thoughts. I agree with the idea of joining a Facebook group or online community (and perhaps you can post your everyday progress to encourage yourself), because this is what I am recently doing and I find thats really helpful.

Re: How to manage creative energy

I really like the idea about detoxing my social media and limiting the amount of time I'm online. I feel like this would be a really helpful thing to my every day life. I think social media impacts my life in other negative ways too, aside from comparing myself to others, such as feeling like I always need to be in contact with people or else they would forget me and feeling like im never enough for some people - but that is going sort of off track to what this conversation is about haha Smiley Tongue


Thank you everyone else for your helpful comments too. Knowing that I'm not the only one feeling stuck like this is really helpful.