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I don’t know what to do to have fun anymore

So for the last couple weeks ever since I got back from this holiday I went on, I’ve been spending most my time at home playing video games, only going out to go to work some weekdays. I will procrastinate sleeping till 4am every night and then ending up feeling very depressed and then finally getting to sleep only to sleep in till 2pm and then doing hardly anything for the rest of the day.

The thing is I’m not sure if its me, or my friends being the reason why I don’t enjoy hanging out with any of them much. I went out for lunch with a friend today but the whole time I was wishing I was home instead of there. I haven’t been interested in talking with any of my friends or catching up with them and I’m beginning to think I’ve always been like that but I’ve only just slowly started not making myself make plans with them. I also don’t have much motivation at all to do anything particularly creative or any sort of hobby other than gaming lately but thats nothing new. I don’t think i’m really depressed or anything, because in the mornings I don’t really feel sad or anything, I just feel neutral, its only at 4am when I start to feel really sad then I make myself go to sleep.

I think this lifestyle I have at the moment is just leaving me feeling unforfilled as I wake up super late, go to work, come home later and then watch youtube or play games till 4, then repeat. At work i’m not that close to the people there I usually just keep my head down and keep working, and while I used to try talk more and build friendships with my work mates there, these past couple weeks as I’ve said I have no motivation to. I guess i’m just in a big slump at the moment and it feels like I don’t know what to do for fun or to get excited about something.


does anyone else feel like this

Re: I don’t know what to do to have fun anymore

Hey there @anonymousgirl101, how was your holiday?

I'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling in such a slump lately, it sounds like you're struggling finding the motivation to do things, is that right?

Sometimes, especially during the holidays, I find myself being very unmotivated to do things. What helps me deal with these feelings is to find a routine. I have very specific night time and morning routines that help me start and end the day. Having my morning routine helps me get out of "I just want to lie in bed" and into "It's time to do things".

Getting enough sleep and having a good sleep routine can be a great way of improving our moods. What do you think? It can be difficult to change our routines on our own though, do you have any supports such as a GP or counselor that you could talk to about how you're feeling recently?

Do you have anything planned today, or any self-care you could schedule in for yourself?