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I don’t understand this slump I’m in right now

The last couple weeks i’ve felt kinda sad. I don’t want to hang out with friends, I don’t really feel like doing anything. I mean I still do some things but I have no drive, no motivation. I’m not nessarily sad 24/7 or anything, I get happy at bits where my family might tell me something funny or I might feel happy for a short amount of time but then I still have no motivation or drive. I have no goals, no future plans, I just feel kind of lost I guess. And the thing is I try and tell myself to figure out and try thinking about goals and your future and what you can do, but having no motivation, its almost like I want to stay feeling grim like this. I don’t feel numb or anything like a lot of depression suffering people say, but I just have nothing to look forward too, and no drive. I think Im sad because everything feels dull and boring like I feel like my lives just ended and I don’t know whats going to happen next if I’m going to enjoy what I’m doing or not. The days also feel pretty the same as I’m currently going through a gap year, working partly and doing nothing else really, not going out like normal people my age, not hanging out with friends, studying, nothing. I find myself attracted to sad or mello songs above any others too. A part of me wants to get out of this slump and start feeling like I used to, full of life, aspirations and dreams, but i’m not sure I ever will again and that feeling along with not knowing how to change my feelings and view around makes me not even want to try. Its like the rational part of my brain is telling me to stop feeling so sad and listening to sad songs cause its starting to hurt, so I watch comedy’s, but while it cheers me up in that moment, I still go back to how I’ve been, unmotivated, bored feeling theirs nothing clear ahead, and depressed. Please how do I change this

Re: I don’t understand this slump I’m in right now

Hey @anonymousgirl101 thanks for sharing this. Sounds like a really tough time for you at the moment - it's really hard to try to pull yourself out of a slump! Smiley Sad It sounds like changing this around is really important for you at the moment which is awesome - and seeking support is a great step. It also seems like comedy and joking around really brings you back to feeling happier for short amounts of time? Smiley Happy

What do you think would have to change for you to feel a bit more excited about life?

Re: I don’t understand this slump I’m in right now

I’m not exactly sure what would need to change, maybe if I made some new friends or did something different, But I don’t go to school anymore so thats harder. 

Re: I don’t understand this slump I’m in right now

Hey @anonymousgirl101, I can really hear your sadness in your post.  Those first couple of years after school finishes are such a time of change as you head into the rest of your life without the comfort of routine and seeing your friends every day.  It's not unusual to feel a bit lost, or left behind, so I'm going to link you a few resources that I hope might be able to start you on the path to getting your hope & purpose back Smiley Happy


There's this one on adjusting expectations and recognising the smaller, every day things you're achieving.  Have a look here for specific tips on setting life goals.  And then, check out this one on sadness.   



Re: I don’t understand this slump I’m in right now

@anonymousgirl101what might doing something different look like for you right now? Smiley Happy

Have you thought about starting any volunteering or hobby related activities where you might make some new friends?