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I’m sooo depressed

I’ve had enough my depression has overtaken my life i no longer have a social life or even go out i even spent a whole 6 weeks in home and did not leave the house or change my pjs.

im sick of feeling this way but it’s what I’m comfortable with believe it or not. 
I don’t have the energy to fake a smile anymore or even hold a proper conversation with anyone

ive thought about suicide a few times but i know I’ll never have the guts to do it instead i keep wishing on myself that i get sick. Everytime i go doctors I pray there’s something seriously wrong with me  how messed up is that. 
This is my life now this is it. I make myself feel worse always I’ve lost my faith which was what my whole life revolved around and thus lost myself

im at rock bottom now I don’t even recognise myself anymore. Who am i


Re: I’m sooo depressed

Aw @aNobody 


A big welcome to the forums. I'm so glad that you have found us because depression can be so isolating. You mentioned that you spent six weeks at home, that would have been really hard. I'm just wondering if you have told anyone in your life about how low you've been feeling? 


I can only imagine how much pain you're in, if you have been thinking about suicide. How are you feeling about that right now? 


Most people feel a great sense of isolation when losing their faith, as sometimes you lose the community that went along with it. Is that the case with you too? 


I want you to know that we are here to listen to you and support you. Living with depression can make you feel like you've lost yourself and your connection with the world but by coming here you have made a huge step. 


Looking forward to hearing back from you. 




Re: I’m sooo depressed

Hey @aNobody! Welcome to ReachOut! I’m also so happy that you come across this community Heart 

I really like @Bre-RO‘s advice and would like to echo what she has said as well Heart

What you have said is such a horrible thing to go through but I want to reassure you, you are not alone and a lot of people (including myself) have gone through some of the things you have mentioned. 

When things get this hard, it’s really important that we surround ourselves with people that can prevent things getting worse and to be there for you when you need. For that reason, I’m really proud of you for seeing that you needed help, and reached out to us Heart we’ll always be here whenever you need for any reason! 


I’m wondering if you’ve ever considered seeing a professional such as a psychologist? Also is there anything that you’ve found helpful in the past for when you are feeling this way? If you’re interested, I can share some of the things I’ve found helpful when my depression gets hard Smiley Happy 


thinking of you xx