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I saw my brother cheating on her girlfriend.

Loyalty is a very important ingredient in a relationship. It takes honesty and trust to become a loyal partner to your girlfriend or boyfriend. But at this point of time, I’m questioning it already. My younger brother is cheating on her girlfriend. I saw him chatting with other personals in a foreign dating event, even exchanging messages about meeting in person and getting to know each other more. But the thing is, my brother is taken already! How could someone meet another woman if he’s in a relationship already? This makes me question relationships nowadays. Should I tell her girlfriend or just to talk to my brother instead?

Re: I saw my brother cheating on her girlfriend.

Hey @cheatingbrother123, I will send you an email Smiley Happy

Re: I saw my brother cheating on her girlfriend.

Hi @cheatingbrother123


Are you saying once you're in a relationship you're not allowed to talk to or meet other people? Yes it is strange that it is a dating event but at least give him the benefit of the doubt that he is just there trying to meet new people. People should have friends of the opposite sex even if they are in a relationship, it's normal, it's a part of life.