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Keeping safe tonight

So I've been really distressed this afternoon and it eventually led to me chatting to Kids Helpline... I'm still kind of shitty but am making a thread to:

a) Help keep myself accountable and encourage me to actually follow through with these things, and

b) Be a healthy role model and show that mods also have tough times but can still seek help Smiley Tongue Smiley Happy


My safety plan for tonight:

  • Make myself some dinner
  • Put some fresh sheets on my bed
  • Chill out on the forums (not in tough times - except for this thread Smiley Tongue)
  • Watch something lighthearted and not drama-filled on Netflix (as I made that mistake earlier... I'm thinking I'll just stick to Brooklyn 99)
  • Have an earlier night than last night (which ended up being 1am) and get some much needed sleep

And then to reward myself for being safe instead of hurting myself I am having chocolate because chocolate is an amazing reinforcer and I love it Smiley Tongue



No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Keeping safe tonight

@lokifish You are amazing and I am SO proud of and inspired by you HeartHeartHeart Clean sheets are so nice to get into after a shitty day! What did you end up making for dinner? Some other good, light Netflix shows are The Good Place, Nailed It, and Queer Eye Smiley Happy 


Would it help if we agreed that I'll check in with you tomorrow and you can update on how you're doing? 

Re: Keeping safe tonight

Just wanted to check and see how you're doing today @lokifishHeart