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I’m 16 and I find it so hard to get through the day. I find it so draining and exhausting. I’m not suicidal like I do have my highs but when I have my low moments there really low. I find getting through the day so draining and it’s very rare that I don’t have a breakdown near the end of the day.

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But it sorta gets annoying cause I’m always crying and that 90% of my energy is spent on crying

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Hey @lyuicid and thank you for sharing that with us. Crying can be really draining, huh? I hope we can support you here on the forums. I'm wondering if you've spoken to anyone in your life about how you've been feeling?

What sort of things do you enjoy? I think it's important when we're feeling really emotional to be extra kind to ourselves and do the things we enjoy. Do you reckon you could do that?

Looking forward to hearing from you Smiley Happy  

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Hey @lyuicid, that sounds like a really difficult thing to go through everyday. I can understand why you might be so exhausted and drained. I think @letitgo mentions some really important things to fill up our self-care cup when we are feeling so down. I also moved your post into the Tough Times section as I think it is more appropriate for what you have mentioned, I hope you don't mind.

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Hey @lyuicid


Crying is definitely okay, I actually said it's good to cry. Most people feel better after letting their emotions out. However it does sound like you are cry quite frequently and that can be draining like you said. Let's try how release your emotions before you get to that stage where you break down. 


Meditating and other forms of relaxation (depending on what you like) are good ways to start. Maybe you can incorporate some of the relaxing activities such as drawing, reading, listening to music, do this for 30 minutes total spread out throughout the day. 

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Hey there @lyuicid, how are you going?

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