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Lost Half My Support Network In One Day :( (Crazy Month)

(13/6) My social anxiety group for people with Aspergers/ASD group started up and everyone was asked why they joined the group mine was "to stop avoiding as my therapists had enough of it and were about to dump me ", so the coordinator of the group (Associate professor in psychology whom interest/expert in the area of ASD and Anxiety and had contacts in that area as well) approached me during the break and asked if I had ever seen him 1 on 1 I said no so he looked and saw I had a few sessions of 2710 left with the old psychologist and asked if I would prefer to see him as he is about to get ATAPS and my old one didn't and he thought I needed weekly sessions based on what he observed in the anxiety group (as I have done the group with him last year as well). I said yes as I was comfortable with the new psychologist knew his background and knew of 1 of his outside contacts.


(15/6) Had my last appt with old psychologist as my old psychologist and I ran into my new psychologist thankfully as I didn't know what to say. So things were wrapped up as everyone believed the change would be in my best interest.


(3/7 Morning) Appt with Psychiatrist at new office THANK GOD my PHAMS worker came with me as last couple of sessions she'd really go off at me with non compliance (talking about years here) even thou its more routine and remembering (even with Webster packs) with me rather then refusing to take medications well when she 1st saw my support worker she was really caught off guard to the point I even noticed as the week before my Mental health nurse tried to warn me about her as the appt would be interesting well was told she was refusing to see me any more due to compliance even thou I tried to explain to her I was working on trying getting a routing happening which Including medications as well as adding more social activities like indoor soccer every Monday afternoon as well as participating with the weekly phams lunch (all the clients and workers get together for a social lunch in a hall). Apparently wasn't good enough for her I desperately even considered getting the mood stabiliser injected every so often but still not good enough. She also said to speck to my new psychologist about a new psychiatrist (So basically dumped me with no contacts to get a new one). So basically that whole appt was just to dump me as she had made up her mind as I was too much risk? To her and wasn't prepared to listen to anything I said that session. Could have been worse if my worker hadn't came with me.


(3/7 Afternoon) Had an appt with my mental health nurse. It was quick as he couldn't see me any more because my psychiatrist dumped me even thou he had pleaded with her (the Friday before I saw her) to give me time as I was working with new Psychologist with routine which Incl taking meds a and trying trying to change. But she didn't listen to his advice. My emotions got to the point where he suggested I'd be hospitalized I said no hate when they ask that to me as its kind of a rhetorical question with me they should either do it without my permission or its not happening as too scared of hospitals and stubborn. Apparently its illegal for him to see me as the person whom revered me to him had dumped me. On the way home got an email from him demanding my number as it was outside office hours? Gave it to him surprised me he checked up on me even thou not his issue any more. His advice was to get a psychiatrist though the public health system as not many private psychiatrists bulk bill and too old for headspace :(


Between and now been having to take anti anxiety meds (as directed by G.P) due to unstable emotions and fear of my PTSD arising and running into my old mental health nurse as he works in the same building as my psychologist apparently he feels my psychiatrist didn't handle it as well as she could and my old Psychiatrist is apparently avoiding his phone calls,


Have an urgent appt with my G.P on Tuesday due to being dumped by Psychiatrist was while she was on holidays.


And have an appointment with Headspace G.P (if my Regular G.p is alright with it as MH nurse wrote to her which I can't really see my G.P saying no) to see if I can get a mental health care plan or something as in same organization as Mental health nurse so I can continue to see him.


So yeah my old psychiatrist kind of helped increase my negative thoughts about change and fear them even more.


Any advise would be extremely grateful

Re: Lost Half My Support Network In One Day :( (Crazy Month)

Hi sjaeger,


Wow it sounds like the last few weeks have been really hectic, particuarly around your support networks and moving to new services and getting to know new health professionals. There must be a lot going on in your head at the moment.


It sounds to me like what has happend is that your support networks have thought you'd be better off working with out health professionals but in the midst your voice and opinions have been lost. I can really understand how it can make you feel when your voice is surrounded by a sea of other ideas and opinions and it feels like what you've got to say hasn't been heard. Sometimes health professionals themselves can be really intimidating and expressing your opinion can be hard to do.


I'm wondering whether you'd feel comfortable sharing your thoughts here with members of your current mental health team? They're probably the best people to help guide your through this period of transition. Also you've mentioned a lot about health professionals but maybe there are friends or family members who might be able to join your support network during this rough patch.


You might like to check out some of the info we have here at There is this great page all about professional help where you might discover some great info that'll help you out!

Re: Lost Half My Support Network In One Day :( (Crazy Month)

Hi sjaeger,

Good on you for taking time out from what sounds like a super stressful time to sit down, and capture everything that's been going on for you by typing it up. I actually reckon that when lots of things are going on and there are lots of changes happening in your life, it can help to get it off your chest and write it all down.
From reading your post, it sounds like you've been trying super hard to get your life into a routine, but all the changes you're going through with the different health professionals you're seeing is making that a real challenge. I hope that all settles down soon for you. The link that Atma shared might help with that - it can be hard to find the right health care people, but hopefully your GP or the Headspace GP can refer you to someone good. And I hope you come back and update us on how you're getting along. Good luck with it all! Smiley Happy



Re: Lost Half My Support Network In One Day :( (Crazy Month)

kind of dont have any family I could really turn to as my mother kicked me out 11 years a go when I was going through a psychotic break (which she denys being told at the time) only see family at birthdays or special occassions she has even said she'd rather suport my younger brother whom is a lot more violent then i ever was and said I was older enough to support myself and everytime I ring she's always "busy" a d rushes me off the phone.


With friends i dont have that many plus I dont want to push them away with my issues like I have done with in the past Smiley Sad.

Re: Lost Half My Support Network In One Day :( (Crazy Month)

Hey sjaeger172004

Thanks for updating us.

I know what you mean when seeing a therapist it may seem counteractive when you feel worst. However you said you have a PHAMS worker and a psychiatrist at Headspace that still cared for you. Try and focus on the therapists and professionals that do make you feel good. Life do have their ups and downs. It helps to look harder at the bright side when life is tough.

I understand the reluctance to share your story with your friends. The fear of burdening them is common for me too. Could you still hang out with your friends and talk about the present moment? Could talk about stuff that happened on social media, Hollywood, in the neighbourhood etc.

Take it slow. Give your new psychologist some time to get to know you and don't pressure on yourself to get somewhere quickly with therapy, they take patience.

Hope it goes well with you Smiley Happy



Re: Lost Half My Support Network In One Day :( (Crazy Month)

um that was my old mh nurse whom i cant see any more as my psyciatrist dumped me Smiley Sad

Re: Lost Half My Support Network In One Day :( (Crazy Month)

Hey sjaeger

That is sad. How are you coping with moving on from seeing your MH nurse?
It helps to focus the good times you guys have together. Therapists come and go in your life and it is ok to be sad. If you need to have some extra support or someone to talk to, try giving Lifeline (13 11 14) a call. They are great, I've called them many times before Smiley Happy