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Need some advice please.

Mods if this isn't in the right thread feel free to move it.


Hi everyone, as some of you may have read, there's this guy that I'm good friends with online who's from America, and he said yesterday he likes me, I like him too.


I really like him and he makes me happy and smile when we chat (like all of the friends in America though), and I've never had a boyfriend. A physical relationship would be better of course, but I've been thinking if we could maybe try to have an online distant relationship.


I've been asking him but he hasn't replied yet because of timezones (I'll update when he does). But I said to him if we both like each other a lot and he respects me and isn't sexual and creepy, things should be okay, and maybe we can meet one day and have a physical relationship.


I've asked some of the other American friends about him and they said good stuff and gave me some advice like take it slow which of course I would.


My parents seem fine with it but they said be careful which I will because they're protective but thats good.


I hope this guy doesn't like anyone else because he seems popular, since he's in the US Army & a Nursing Assistant (I'm proud of him). I want to ask but idk if I should. I keep asking what makes me so special, what makes him like me and when he did but we just go off topic or he's busy which is fine.


Any suggestions please, has anyone had an online long distance relationship before if you feel comfortable sharing?


I'm 20 and I believe he's the same age or will be 20 this year, this month actually. He's cute and I wish I could meet him.


Please help!

Re: Need some advice please.

Looks like I embarrassed myself by making this post Smiley Sad

Re: Need some advice please.

@musicfan_xo It sounds like you enjoy his company and that you're quite fond of him. It seems that you have a plan on how to approach it but also a bit apprehensive. Is there something specific that you want advice or guidance for?

Re: Need some advice please.

Hey @TOM-RO . I haven't met him or any of the American friends but I'd like to (and they'd like to meet me too).


I guess just getting to know him better, how to ask him if he wants an online relationship, etc.


You can delete this post if you want, I feel like I'm being stupid and embarrassing myself by posting this

Re: Need some advice please.

I don't have any experience with long distance or many relationships at all @musicfan_xo so im probably not much help but I would be weary esp since your not in the same country or anything.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Need some advice please.

@scared01 that's fine I understand and yeah I'm being weary

Re: Need some advice please.

@musicfan_xo It's good that you are being careful, it sounds like you're excited as well - so maybe experiencing a bit of mixed emotions. It's not stupid that you're asking the question, think it's great that you are asking in a supportive space rather than wondering or trying to figure it out by yourself. 


Sometimes the best way to get your answers is to ask the question. You could ask him directly, but it is completely up to you whether you feel comfortable doing this.