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Never Ending Circle

It’s a never ending circle! 


I’ve been doing okay recently but the past couple of months are just starting to take a toll on me. I’ve lost most my friend group, basically friendless, dropped out of school (yet, again), stopped going to counseling, unemployed, and I honestly feel like I’m going no where. 


Dont get me wrong, I’m trying and I stay trying to better myself but it’s like I’m stuck in quick sand, the more I try, the more I sink and lose hope. 


Please comment some inspirational message or comment your similar situation and tell me how you got better x 


Re: Never Ending Circle

Hey @YourName, thanks so much for posting - I really appreciate your honesty and rawness, you're a very talented writer.


The metaphor around quick sand is familiar to many of us. You've been through a lot of huge challenges here, and I hope you know you're absolutely not alone in the journey even though it might feel it. In terms of your friend group was that a conscious choice on your end? Or have they just kind of fallen off? Sometimes in life we lose a lot at once in order to grow, I truly do believe in the depths of pain lies our salvation. I will tag some of the other members for their input too - @lokifish @Bee @ErinsAntics @scared01 @DruidChild

If you ever want to chat about anything, you can also speak free with KHL at anytime, confidentially with a qualified counsellor. Speak soon!


Re: Never Ending Circle

hey @YourName and welcome!

Quick sand is an awesome way to describe it! i can hear how stuck your feeling atm.

do you want to share some of the reasons youve stopped doing things like counselling... school..... perhaps we could suggest some ways around whats happening for you there

would looking for a job be helpful so you can become emplyed and start rebuilding up again?

Loosing friends really sucks, im sorry youve lost your friends. i can understand as ive lost my friends too. would you like to tell us abit about whats happened there?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Never Ending Circle

Hey @YourName
Stuck in quicksand, feeling like you're going nowhere... I can hear how painful and frustrating this must be feeling for you. It can be so easy to lose hope in the process of recovery - because recovery takes so long and can take so much out of you.

I would like to link to you this thread on Recovery; our journey to wellbeing and this self-love songs thread. 


You mentioned that you have stopped going to counselling and school, was there a reason why you stopped these?

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart