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Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

@mspaceK Ahh yeah, its always so much more work for preparation and washing up than actually eating it... like 2x more time doing the rest of the stuff compared to actually enjoying the meal! Have you spoken to your doctor about the appetite thing? 


Oh that's good, you've got some strategy to the problem hahaha. Or maybe you can just move her stuff to a corner and she can work it out, if it's invading your space. You can say you were just using that area, and that her stuff was there so it had to be moved. 


Also yeah difference in diet would be difficult, its hard to find meals that could be shared among you guys. I guess you could make it vegetarian and then like she could cook her stuff separately and then add it back in, but I'm not sure if that changes the flavour or something. 


That sound awesome also!

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?


Today has been okay. Talked some stuff through with my psych and went to a good social group. My psych wants me to work on CBT in our sessions to challenge my negative thought patterns. 


My housemate and I are having another good night together watching shows and although not a very healthy choice, I did make oven food for dinner and eat it. I also had another tummy upset unfortunately but hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to normal. 


I'm really afraid of getting better only to fall back down. I don't think I could handle it Smiley Sad it seems stupid but it feels easier to stay in this void. Nothing getting better - nothing getting worse. 


Of course I want things to be better though. 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

Hey @mspaceK that's good you went to those! Have you tried the CBT before? 


That's also great that you guys are getting along better now. Also about the healthy option thing, do you mean the food or the watching of shows? Awww that sucks with the tummy ache again, I hope it wasn't as bad as before the medication though! 


That sounds tough Smiley Sad I feel like the more experiences you have though, the more resilient you get, and the more you know how to make yourself better again. Also, it's not stupid! I feel like backtracking and losing progress is also such a hard thing to handle, but I believe you're strong being able to keep a good lifestyle and everything like going out for group activities, going to work, seeking help too! You'll get there don't worry!

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

I think the best thing you have done is noticed your pattern and become aware and familiar with your behaviour and body .  Self awareness is the first step into the right direction. It can become challenging to manage intrusive thoughts and try to make sense of this pattern of thinking when your trying to get through your day, whilst juggling other challenges  . The best step you can take is to maybe see your GP and they can provide some guidance , suggestions and answers . It’s never a bad idea to seek help when unsure or can’t find the answers yourself x 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

Thanks @TIL and @I_am_not_Groot .


I actually went to bed early tonight and i fell asleep and then just now I woke up thinking someone was breaking into the house and gave myself a racing heart. No one is, just my imagination :/ i hope I can fall back to sleep. I have a tight chest now. 


The food was a bit unhealthy. Yeah i have done CBT before, I don't really remember much right now but I'm glad we're actually doing something that i can focus on rather me just talking about what is getting me down. My psych wants me to do both and focus on the present and my current thoughts and behaviours and how they're making me feel. We'll see how it goes. 


For now though I'm going to try and sleep again. 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

I’m sorry you experienced that , have you tried down loading some CBT apps on your phone to help ? They are amazing and are so resourceful and can help with intrusive thoughts as it has information to help manage it when they occur  , information and techniques to help with panic attacks , depression , anxiety and also a feature to help you with breathing techniques and much more  , have a look into MindShift it’s very handy to have on your phone and bring it up when you need to and can use it anywhere at any time. Hopefully you have a decent nights rest and tomorrow is a better day x 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

I actually didn't know that there were apps for it @TIL . I will try and have a look into it. 


There really are some not nice thoughts coming to the surface now. I just want to sleep and get past this. 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

When your mind is over work and your tired it’s hard to keep these thoughts obey. If they are effecting you and you need help to get through this episode , it’s best to contact life line 13 11 14, even by having a chat to some one can help distract you and they are qualified to give you ideas and strategies to help you change your thought process x 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

Thank you @TIL . I'm finding it very frustrating because I can't seem to relax enough to sleep right now and I know the more I try to force sleep, the more it won't come. And i thought about hurting myself, I have these thoughts and my chest keeps getting tighter. Why does there have to be something wrong with me? Smiley Sad 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

I think the best thing right now is to contact life line or if possible wake up some one up in your home and let them know how your feeling , I know your hurting but you deserve to be helped and not feeling like this , I think you need to reach out now to some one who can assist you . The link is , you can chat online to them or contact them on 13 1114 . Please put yourself first , you deserve to feel better x