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Reoccuring nightmares or night terrors.

Hi  People,


I am having issue with my sleep, I seem to be getting these reoccuring nightmares, most of them make wake up screaming. What is about I do not really know.....


Some of them  is about that  feared noise of all that I know of, the distinct sound of a Thunder storm in progress. Most I cannot trace why it made me react in so extreme way!


It's starting effect my train work to the point I can only last  one day, the second day I am totally smashed, fatuige and unable to work properly. That is effecting my stamina, which is near to zero


Need help desperatly getting really shredded phyically and mentally.


Re: Reoccuring nightmares or night terrors.

Hi Snuffles!


That sounds pretty rough. Have you considered talking to your GP about it? He/she might have some ideas or techniques for reducing this.


You could also try talking to someone about things before you go to bed each night. This story talks about how, when he started having hellish nightmares, finally talking to someone about it really eased things for him.


What do you think?

Re: Reoccuring nightmares or night terrors.

hiya snuffles

lex's advise on visiting the GP for some advise is pretty top stuff. they can provide a wealth of knowledge that might be able to help you with your sleep disturbances.

if you do need to call someone immediately to talk to you can always call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800.

Re: Reoccuring nightmares or night terrors.

Hello Lex and other people,


Yes I am taking serious matters about my sleep patterns, ie: bad dreams and waking up screaming. I have arranged seeing my sleep speicalist.


I suffer from sleep apeona and Restless Leg Sydrome, can't stop kicking my legs in my sleep. As I am restless sleeper it will be hard to track my problem down with the dreams. As I got a truck of medical aliments to due with it will be like finding needle in haystack!


I am seeing my Phychologist , Phych Dr and social worker to top off!!!! We'll see how I go.