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Sad Days

Every so often I get these days where I am incredibly sad.

It used to happen a lot more these sadness days, but they have been happening less and less.

I don’t really know why though?

Sometimes it comes so suddenly I could have had a really good day the day before but it won’t matter a bit.

(Though the other day I did have a major argument with my mom which was pretty intense but the next day I was fine)

These are the days where I feel really alone. 

It’s not unusual that I cry or have some alone time in my room.

I don’t think it’s anyones fault and I’m not trying to blame anyone else.
But these days are usually not noticed.

I understand people are busy, but how could I be surrounded by so many people and not one of them realise something is off?

I don’t really have anyone I can talk to, so it’s easier just to spill it out onto a random forum and get it off my chest.

When these days happen I am sensitive to things, what people say and do around me affects me.

Sometimes I feel so unloved even though my family is around me and that is the loneliest feeling in the world.

Especially if they say something harsh, I don’t always have my battle armour on and sometimes I can get hurt.

Today is a sad day.
On these days all I can do is try to take care of myself. Eat good food. Wrap myself in blankets and make sure to sleep, do normal things like wash-up/ chores.

It doesn’t happen a lot these day days, but when they do it’s an almost overwhelming feeling.

Over time I’ve learnt to deal with them better, but…now Im starting to see some warning signals.

Randomly bursting into tears? Feeling exhausted? Angry, frustrated and alone.

I don’t like to self diagnose because I only trust what trained Psychologists and Doctors say but these might be the symptoms of some bad mental health.

I feel a lot more at ease writing this even, because at least im speaking my truth.

Question-Does anyone else get sad days like this? If so can you describe how you deal with them? Or whether or not it’s something abnormal?


Re: Sad Days

Hi @YunoGasai, I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing these sad days. It's never easy to feel such overwhelming emotion, triggered or not, and have people not realise around you that something is off. I'm glad you feel you are able to share your feelings on this forum, expressing yourself openly this way is very courageous of you ❤️

If you don't mind me asking, is there any reason you feel you can't talk to your family? Or to your friends? Sometimes people around you may notice, but aren't sure how to talk to you until you be honest with them.

It's also natural to have days that are up and down, but I personally can relate to how sudden those moods can be, which makes it really hard to deal with. Have you considered talking to a psychologist or counsellor at all?


It's really incredible to hear that you are so self-aware though, and that these sadness days are decreasing. Being proactive in self-care the way you are, is a wonderful step to taking care of yourself, and accepting of the kind of day you are having. Honestly, that is very difficult to do so well done! 

To answer your question, yes, I do get sad days like this, and have been more often lately. It's not abnormal at all, and it's lovely to hear that you feel better more at ease after writing out how you're feeling online. I do try to focus on self-care in a similar way that you do, but also am seeing a psychologist at the moment, and am an avid fan of diary-writing to express my emotions. Have you ever tried journalling?


Re: Sad Days

I feel very comfortable in this forum, people are pretty supporting and understanding. I don't feel like I can talk to my family because I sort of live in a strange situation. My mother has always been tough, for as long as I can remember its always been hard to have any sort of emotional conversation with her. Sometimes she had even pushed stuff off like it's nonsense or just a nuisance. So I couldn't really talk to her about that stuff. I would never tell my depressed older sister we don't have a good relationship with each other. I wouldn't consider telling my kid brother they're a child. My twin isn't emotionally mature enough, they're kinda softer hearted than me. My father has been out of the picture for a long time and our family is pretty much estranged towards any of our other family members. I have considered talking to a psychologist or counsellor even you saying that might be the push I need to gather up the courage to actually try it.
Im a little nervous about the Idea that someone will read my diary, my older sister isn't big on privacy and feels entitled to everything and I wouldn't want her reading my most sensitive and inner feelings. But I think I should give it a try and hide my diary. Thank you for sharing/ your advice im glad it's not just me that feels this way at times.

Re: Sad Days

Heya @YunoGasai

I can really feel the loneliness and sadness in your posts, and just want to reach out and give you all the good vibes Smiley Sad Heart I'm glad that the forums are providing an outlet for you to talk about things Smiley Happy

Talking to a psychologist definitely takes a lot of courage! It sounds like it's something you've been thinking about - is there anything we could do to help you take that step?

Here for you Heart

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Sad Days

Hey @YunoGasai,

@sweet_baking & @lokifish have offered some fab advice so I'm just going to answer your question

I relate to having sad days. For me I tend to ask myself if something in particular could be causing my sad day - am I over tired? Stressed? Do I need more social interaction? Did something happen? What I do depends on how I'm feeling when I'm sad, if I'm feeling overwhelmed and annoyed at being sad I might journal and spend some time in the feeling. If it's overwhelming, I tend to use distraction - netflix, colouring in, patting/cuddling/playing with my cats, getting out of the house...

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: Sad Days

Hi @YunoGasai, how have you been going? 

I'm glad you are comfortable here on the forums, and feel open to talk, because we are always ready to listen ♥ I'm so sorry to hear that you feel your family can't really support you in this manner, but I agree with @lokifish, it is really courageous of you to be considering seeing a psychologist and working through your emotions with them. 

That's understandable, privacy is paramount when it comes to diary writing, but I'm really glad to hear you're considering trying it. Sometimes, if hiding a journal might be an issue, some of my friends have an online journal? For example, you can have a private free blog online, that only you can access, or even a word document that acts as your diary?