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School bullying

Hi I’m 14 years old and I’ve had enough of being bullied. There’s this girl in my year and she’s always got something nasty to say every time I see her. Lately it’s gotten so bad she started hitting me outside school and was calling me weak because I didnt hit her back even though she was egging me to hit her. She’s very manipulative and would turn things around so it would make me look bad and she always manages to get away with taunts in class. I go to a very small high school only 30 kids from year 7 - 12 and I don’t fit in with the other kids because I don’t like gaming. I love motorbike riding, kayaking and going out on my boat.  We live in a very isolated area so I get very down and lonely. I can talk to my mum and I’m very loved and supported at home but I don’t feel safe at school and I have told 4 teachers and none of them care. I used to look forward to going to school and now I just hate it. I don’t have the confidence to stand up to her because she always twists things around.  Can anyone relate to this? I feel like I am the only one going through this because we are so isolated. 

Re: School bullying

Hey @Boatsman15, That is really really frustrating, and I can't imagine how unsafe and annoyed you must feel about this - particularly because the teachers won't listen to you. Is there a school counsellor you can talk to about things? Also I totally get feeling a bit lonely in a rural town. My best mate grew up in a really small country town, and went to a high school with about 20 people in her grade (not as small as your school though!) I think it helped that she had some family friends and her cousins that she was able to hang with as well. Is there anyone like that you can hang out with?

Re: School bullying

Hi @Boatsman15. I'm really sorry to hear that you're experiencing that kind of treatment from other peers. It sounds really unpleasant and I couldn't imagine how it must make you feel. 

I'm also really disheartened to hear that your teachers don't care. Have you spoken to your family about this and maybe seen if there's anything they can do to help? This is definitely not acceptable behavior so they shouldn't be allowed to just get away with it. 


Re: School bullying

Hi @Boatsman15! Welcome to the forums!
I'm so sorry that you're being bullied. Smiley Sad This girl does sound manipulative and hard to be around.
I think it's really cool that you love being out in nature. It can be so hard to fit in at school. I grew up in a big city and it was tough to fit in at my school, but it must be even harder finding people who share your interests in a rural environment. Are there any ways that you can meet people with similar interests outside of school, such as through groups or online communities?
It's really awful that none of your teachers have done anything about the bullying. That sounds so frustrating, especially as it must have taken a lot of courage to tell your teachers about it. Is there anyone senior that you could ask to speak to, or someone who could speak on your behalf?

Re: School bullying

Hi @Boatsman15  !


I hope you are doing well friend. Bullying is a very hard thing to go through and I hope that you are okay and that school hasn't been too hard. One thing I want to remind you is that you do not need to change yourself and your interests. Being into those things make you who you are and it's sad that people don't appreciate it. You are 14 and you will get through this I promise.


Focus on the things that you love, and keep developing tough skin and don't let the bullies get to you because people just pick on those that they are jealous of. People bully when they themselves are insecure.


If life around is feeling lonely don't forget that there is a community around you that is always willing to help and talk.




Hope you are well friend, and that things get better Smiley Happy