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Re: Seems impossible to find a lady partner under Neo-Capitalist society :-(

@Kel I think those are all super awesome ideas! Some of these things definitely helped me detach myself from the negative view I had of society when I was younger. Your life is your own, take from the world what you want and give back what you can!
Getting a puppy, planting a veggie patch and spending more time volunteering are all things that have helped me connect with the world in the way that I want. So I think you're really spot on Kel! :-)


Re: Seems impossible to find a lady partner under Neo-Capitalist society :-(


 Dear Frtiz, I will tell you the 2 main statements that my heart attracted to:


1.  "Wade through bullshit" - YES very true, gets exhausting some days "knowing so such about the world we live in, but not being able to change it in the blink of an eye" haha...god help us :-)


2.  "Dont carry the world's bullshit on my soulders" - YES I agree, so "at best scenario" I will try to carry the shit that is easy to clean off every weekend or if I take a trip to the mighty Gange River (I have not been there yet, but will take your advice to do so)


before I read this your reply - the more I see people in the deluded spaced-out lives, pacing down the streets back to their offices - I was starting to think that I am the only "awake" person left , but after some of your comments I sense there IS hope for me to know that is still some people out there and here that live with their eyes wide-open (as I do) = thanks for breaking some of the ice that surrounds us and I now feel that there is some avenues for me to pursue to deflect the latter


From your True friend,   MrFunny

thank you for your insights sir...




Re: Seems impossible to find a lady partner under Neo-Capitalist society :-(


 Dear Kel bells :-)  first I wish to say thank you very much for spending time to attend to my concerns,


 1.  I love your list of potential activities that I could pursue :-) 

 I promise I will go try all or some of them and let you know if they help me fid what I am looking for  +


2.  I must admit - I sensed a bit of Humor in your comments regarding being Single = haha all what you said was True - so I guess the only question IS:


 Do I really want to grow old, having no children t care for me and to be at my bedside near my death - please share your perspective answer to this question and if this has any potential answers ?


From yours True Friend,  MrFunny



Re: Seems impossible to find a lady partner under Neo-Capitalist society :-(

I think that maybe your putting all your eggs in one basket and assuming that your problems will be solved by marrying and having children to stave of feelings of lonliness. Sometimes things dont work out the way we plan for them to and i was just wondering how you think  you would cope if none of these things happened?


All the best




Re: Seems impossible to find a lady partner under Neo-Capitalist society :-(


Dear friend Kel , 


RE:   "assuming my problems be solved by marrying and having children" - I happy to answer this in several points:


1.   my current wish is to "Never" marry   +  

2.   I only wish to have children only IF the lady is really strong self-confidence to handle family   +


RE:   "to stave of feelings of lonliness" - I believe loneliness is actually "therapeutic" for all of us sometimes, you agree ??


1.  when you sense that I not wish to be alone, what I specifically mean is "I just think living a life with no-one to share earth's experiences with" = would be quite a shame ? or  regret ?  or depressing ? you agree ?? share your thoughts


RE:   "Sometimes things dont work out the way we plan for them to" - YES  I agree this very true, this is because "Truth is no-one will never know what our future will be, because it is the unknown, the imperfection of human survival" - do you agree ??  share your thoughts on this


RE:  "How I think would cope if none of these things happened ? - please clarify this question: are you asking "If I am never able to find my lady partner, then how will I cope in my life" - is this what your asking


Awaiting your replies and clarifications,

Much Appreciated, friend - MrFunny




Re: Seems impossible to find a lady partner under Neo-Capitalist society :-(

@MRFUNNY I am glad my words have helped you in some way. You seem like a very insightful and interesting person and you should be proud of that Smiley Happy Never be afraid to have a conversation about anything! There is nothing not worth discussing.


Re: Seems impossible to find a lady partner under Neo-Capitalist society :-(

Hi Mrfunny


I think that loneliness and being alone are very different. I find that being alone can be therapeutic. I like to do this by spending time in the garden or going hiking. I can spend time reflecting and enjoying everything around me and not have any distractions. For me being lonely is not feeling like i can engage with people around me even in a crowd or feeling like no one cares about me and i am invisible. This can make me feel hopeless about the way that i view the world and my place in it. (definitely not therepeutic.)

I was wondering how you think you would cope with life if you didn't have a lady partner to share your life with?


Re: Seems impossible to find a lady partner under Neo-Capitalist society :-(


Hello Dear Kel,


RE:  "being alone can be therapeutic" - YES you correct very much so :-)


RE:  "feeling like no one cares about me and am invisible" - YES I can say this is exactly how I feel, regarding my concerns


RE:  your question - (how I think I would cope with life if I not have a lady partner to share life with" ;





1.  I would feel that the "Feminist movement and its political friend (Capitalist entrepreneurs)" would have got what they wanted for their ideal world "namely:  a society where woman would loose all consciousness to devotion of doing what they do best, fulfilling women's most strongest quality = "nurturing and caring for children"


2.  I would feel that I will have no other option but to only maintain my "reproductive organ's health" by unfortunately having to attend brothels...etc , because the purpose of opposite sexes bonding together is ultimately to either:  (a) create off-spring or (b)  compliment each other's lives to provide happy and healthy life-time together,  hence this is biggest paradox and social disaster of humanity "Commercialisation of love" (I now feel "If I got no money then it impossible to get a Honey" (lady)) because the sexualisation of "majority" of woman (no thanks to the internet) - has now made the way in which lovers meet - this fact is due to the Capitalist's Agenda to "make every single part of human living to be only functional as long as money is part of the transaction") (unlike Real love bond is "Free" ! because real love know NO material objects only heart-to-heart chemistry) hence I strongly beleive that Neo-modern version of Human Love is now only  "Plastic Love" (or Fake skin-deep" love = no substance) DUE to fact that political suppressionist have transformed the human race into "working more and enjoying less" (this means Less time to sit back and chill-out and have time to meet a partner and really fall in love on "deep long-lasting" level) - these above facts I feel most disturbingly heart-shattering, what a pityful way to court a lover :-(


My Question:    Please tell me any other method ?? for a "natural, non-materialistc" gentlemen - to be able to maintain his sexual health, this being an important part to a person's sanity....please share your ideas on this, any other options ??


PS:   Please also read my new subject I created in the Hang-out / Intro - section "Real Love is NEVER about money or Legality" ;


I Look forward to reading your reply,

Best Regards, MrFunny




Re: Seems impossible to find a lady partner under Neo-Capitalist society :-(

Hi @MRFUNNY - I think you might benefit from talking to a professional counsellor about what's going on in your life. Do you currently have any sort of mental health support team? If not, you could start by giving Lifeline a call on 13 11 14.


Once again, in the interests of equality it's really not ok to say that the only thing a woman does best is nuture and care for children. I'd have to remind you again that our community guidelines do not allow for discriminatory posts about gender, sexuality, race, disability or anything else. Continuing to do so may result in your account being suspended. I hope you are able to discuss your views with a counsellor and perhaps open your mind to some different avenues of thought.


Re: Seems impossible to find a lady partner under Neo-Capitalist society :-(


 Dear ElleBelle, please view my reply below:


 I must admit friend, I feel very insaulted when I keep being accused of being disciminatory against women - when I have been a legal justice officer for most of my life AND when I have helped many women in their legal battles against their violent husbands AND when I have expressed "several" times in my posts that I have alot of admiration for women's strength to "nurture" for children,  AND the fact I have previously always put at the bottom of my posts "Delivered without prejudice to No-one" which is for consciously express to genuinely open intention to stand-up for Equality in everything I post, but I starting to feel as if my heart's concerns are not wanted by you :-(  considering all my 100% true solid facts about what I believe in and How I have advocated for women's rights my whole life, I strongly advise you to please cease making me feel "put down" for simply stating things which are reflecting today's Neo-modern society - as Reach-out is meant to be a space to make people feel relaxed and not "prejudged to being someone that they are not" (hence as I felt now);


RE:   "Have I tried seeking Mental health advice" - YES for past 7 years and every single specialist I have visited has "Failed" to answer every question that I asked them. hence I now feel "very low trust" in the System to deal adequately with my concerns (hence my reasons for conteplating suicide on several occasions over recent years :-(  as I am sure you would agree to this below


"if the so-called specialists operating in our country continuously fail to resolve my conerns and answer all my questions that I put to them" - then WHAT HOPE ? do I have :-(  ???


Please reply to these points ASAP please friend, to avoid me feeling rejected by Reach-out for NO justified reason; and


Please clarify friend,  I feel that my "Frank" ( Un-sugar-coated way of expressing the "Realities" of our current world) is making you feel offended ?  I wish to express my condolescences to you below:


1.   No-one should NEVER be offended from someone simply stating the Truths of Life - As Truths are BLESSING Agree ?

2.   No-one should NEVER be felt like their Truths are being pressured into being "Watered Down" (Sugar coated) so as to somehow make the realities feel less "Artificially" and/or "Falsely Perceived" as offensive, especially during me sharing such truths on several posts - have not been "FULLY" resolved by the Staff of Reach-out...hence the reason I am still hear seeking answers to ALL my questions that I have devoted a great deal of time and effort to.  I hope you or any other staff will not throw this effort back at me, as this will indeed make me feel like flushing myself down a toliet  :-(  Please now reply to my concern immediately to avoid me feeling big negative rejection by "specific" reach-out staff - who seem to be only "Advising me of what I am doing wrong t guidelines" (when what they should actually be doing is simply anwering all the questions that I have raised, concerning the "Excess Working Attitude of Women in the Neo-modern" Era) THIS concern has been at the core of all posts and I now seriously wish for you or some other staff-member to please face my "Thought provoking and deeply truth based questions"  instead of just assuming that I am somehow trying to "discriminate women" which is NOT my case, I am simply waiting for Reach-out ot have capacity and mutual respect to help my resolve the concerns I have expressed several times in here.   I just easily advice that I may be suspended if I not "reduce my Truth-filled posts", this is indeed NOT the respectful way to deal with people who are in Need of help, such as me :-(



From:  MrFunny