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Re: TW Feeling Miserable and Stuff

Happy Birthday S! @SomeoneNADJS 


Just thought I'd check in to see how you are going today?


@Tiny_leaf has offered some great suggestions and links last night! R, It sounds like you have given some thoughts to potential roles each system member could have. We would be interested how you all feel about roles, and which roles each member may be interested in taking on Smiley Happy  

Re: TW Feeling Miserable and Stuff

[R] Hi @Jess1-RO! I’m tired. Didn’t do much that was productive today (unless you count speed running a game I created or playing the new Luigi’s Mansion game).


We’ve been debating what sort of roles each member should have, but we haven’t all come to an agreement yet on what we’re going to do.


I’m personally not sure what sort of role I’d want to take. And one thing that has been raised in our discussions is whether to have broader roles or more specific ones. For example, there could be two people on social transitioning, or under that there could be one who comes out to people and one who thinks about who to come out to when.

We still need to figure some stuff out about this. Maybe it could be useful to bring up with KHL (my next appointment is on Monday, can’t remember when D’s is, but they wrote it somewhere).


Also, we were planning on going to Melbourne, but I think we’re cancelling the trip because of the smoke and the fires. That’s okay though. Might give us some more time to figure out the social side of things.

Re: TW Feeling Miserable and Stuff

Hi @SomeoneNADJS 


It sounds like you've made some great progress regarding roles, but have not yet reached an agreement yet. It makes sense that it might be hard to make a final decision, so just take your time with it, and speaking to you're KHL counselor about it sounds beneficial! 


If you don't mind me asking, what was the reason for your trip to Melbourne? Also, I noticed from your post that despite something negative occuring (i.e., your trip has been postponed/cancelled), you're focusing on the positive (i.e., more time to figure out social side of things), which is great Smiley Happy

Re: TW Feeling Miserable and Stuff

[R@Maddy-RO The Melbourne trip is just to relax and to see some family on our mum's side. Usually we go down in winter though. The trip has officially been postponed until then.

Re: TW Feeling Miserable and Stuff

@SomeoneNADJS  We have the new Luigi's Mansion too! I want to play it again now that I've finally finished the new Pokemon. Smiley Happy

I support your decision to discuss your roles with KHL. I think it could be a good idea to take your time with working out everyone's different roles. There isn't any rush to figure everything out immediately.
I'm sorry that you won't get to go to Melbourne because of the fires. Smiley Sad I think it's great that you're thinking of the positives of the trip being cancelled. I also have family there, but I haven't gone in years. It's such a great city! Smiley Happy

Re: TW Feeling Miserable and Stuff

[R] Hi @WheresMySquishy. Been playing some more Luigi's Mansion today. I don't have either of the new Pokemon games. Are they good? (I'm thinking of buying one).


Prior to our KHL chat, T anddecided on roles, but I'm not sure about T's idea. She said she wanted to be a "system morale booster" (whatever that's supposed to mean), and D thinks they could help with coming out to people. We didn't get into discussion of roles that much though. Our system probably needs a bit longer to figure things out.


Melbourne is great Smiley Happy Sadly a lot of the shops I like in the city keep closing.

Re: TW Feeling Miserable and Stuff

[A] Hi! It’s me! (Not to be confused with A*, since both of our names start with the same letter). I have some news from R and D and there are a few things I’m personally worried about too I wanted to talk about.


So, what R did was she’s contacted a good school friend of ours to come over next week who she’s planning on coming out to. The reason behind this is because there are a group of other friends outside of school she wants to tell, but because one of them is friends with an acquaintance from school, we wanted to let our friend know before any gossip got out. This friend also knows Genevieve, but I don’t know if she knows Genevieve is trans (if she does, hopefully it’ll make things easier for whoever comes out to her).


D’s no longer doing regular KHL sessions for now, because they’re at a point where they think they’re happy with the way they understand themself gender-wise. R’s gonna continue hers though.


Anyway, my stuff. There’s a thunderstorm outside our house right now, and since it was R’s idea to let the dogs sleep inside in case there was a storm, I just went down to check on them and give them some pats.


Most of us have a lot on our minds with school coming up, getting hair extensions, coming out to people, system roles, a bit more adjustment to there being eight of us, etc., etc. And while I was downstairs I remembered a conversation R had online with a member of another system where they briefly talked about the bushfires (but their system lives in Spain), and it got me thinking about I’m afraid for our future. I don’t just mean our system, but I’m just worried about everything with all of the trans stuff, and things like the bushfire crisis. I don’t know if there’s any way I can help, but it’s horrible knowing that this is happening. I wish I could do something (R’s considering donating some money, which she’ll almost definitely do), but I don’t know what exactly.


We’re safe from the fires where we are, but I can’t help but feel terrible that this stuff is happening. I came on here to check out the bushfire coping thread, but instead I ended up writing this. I’m also scared that this isn’t going to end anytime soon (not just the current bushfires, but next year and after that).


Better get to sleep, since R hasn’t been getting to sleep until the early hours of the morning (but usually later than it is now), and waking up at around lunchtime.


Edit: I have more stuff I forgot to mention. There hasn’t been any progress with system roles yet. And speaking of the system, I know sometimes R gets a little worried we sound like we’re crazy when any of us talk here (even though we try to keep a lot of jargon to a minimum and sound the least amount of crazy possible), and I kinda worry about that too. Hopefully we don’t Smiley Happy

Re: TW Feeling Miserable and Stuff

Hey @SomeoneNADJS , thanks for updating us on everything. 


I hear most of you have a lot on your mind at the moment, I think a lot of us can relate to feeling really sad, and anxious about the future with the current bushfire crisis. I think R's plan to donate money is a really great way to do something to help other people, I know that I have done the same (to Wires, the RFS and the Red Cross) and it helped me to feel that I was at least helping to do something positive - and I find it incredibly inspiring to see how much money Australian communities have raised. Every dollar counts and to me, it's a reminder that there's hope, and so much reslience, in communities. The everyday acts of kindness I've seen in the media over the last week have given me hope for the future, from little kids in my neighbourhood doing lemonade stands to raise money for our local fire brigade, to Elton John donating a million dollars to fire relief yesterday. 


The bushfire coping thread also has some great ideas and shared experiences from the community, when you have time to check it out Smiley Happy


Please don't worry about sounding crazy when you speak about system stuff here - it's a safe space for you, and the community has your back. I hope you managed to get some sleep Smiley Happy 


Check out our community activities calendar here

Re: TW Feeling Miserable and Stuff

[R@Janine-RO Thank you.


Just feeling crap rn, not too sure why though. We had something to do for our KHL counsellor which I’ve forgotten because it’s written on a document on our laptop in our mum’s room, so I guess I/we’ll have to do that tomorrow in between a psychologist’s appointment and a friend coming over (not the same person as who A was talking about).


We eventually got a bit of sleep last night, but I’m not sure if I’ll get to sleep for a while tonight. Got to get up early in the morning for the appointment, so I can’t just get up at 11:30 in the morning again.

Re: TW Feeling Miserable and Stuff

@SomeoneNADJS  Hey R, 


Just checking in to see how you're all doing today? Feeling crap, especially when you're not sure why, really sucks. I hope you were able to have another restful sleep last night and that today's appointment went well Heart 


It's good to hear that you're seeing a friend today. Sometimes a distraction like that is enough to take the edge off, when things are tough. Keen to hear what you all got up to Smiley Happy