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Re: TW: i don’t know :(

@annabethxchase naww thanks, you made me smile Smiley Happy


unforturnately my other preferred counsellor isn’t working tonight so that’s annoying ! i think im going to contact lifeline because these thoughts won’t stop Smiley Sad 


i love the quote !! 

Re: TW: i don’t know :(

Aw I'm so glad something made your day a little brighter!!

That is annoying isn't it! 

Fantastic you are taking charge & trying to help yourself! Hopefully Lifeline can help a little. 

*Insert: Massive hairflick,* I found myself looking at weird quotes that are kinda making me crySmiley LOL* Massive Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!Heart

Re: TW: i don’t know :(

@annabethxchase ahaha <3

im talking lifeline right now and i don’t know they’re alright i guess but i WAY prefer KHL. 


i think i spent like 11 hours today just looking at poems and quotes...😬

Re: TW: i don’t know :(

I have never spoken to Lifeline - Only KHL and eHeadspace - but KHL's Councillors were super nice and understanding so agree with you there! 


Smiley LOLSmiley LOL Were there any good ones? Care to share? (I'm a poet and I don't even know it) Wow that was bad I'm sorryWoman Very Happy

Re: TW: i don’t know :(

@annabethxchase yeah i really like KHL, i don’t find lifeline or headspace that helpful but i guess it just depends on the person ! 


this is a really basic quote and everyone has seen it but i feel like i can really relate to it atm. especially the other day when i was bawling my eyes out while talking to khl and i hadn’t cried in i don’t know how long ! 

‘people cry not because they are weak. it’s because they’ve been strong for too long.”💞

Re: TW: i don’t know :(

Definitely @litgym, It's like people, some you just don't connect with!

I live under a rock, I haven't seen that quote (Love It!), I've seen something along the lines though. Sometimes it's great just to have a good cry & let it all out. How are feeling today?Heart

Re: TW: i don’t know :(

@annabethxchase exactly !


this morning i thought maybe today would be different and i was actually kinda active - played a board game, cleaned my room, made a fruit salad. expect no ive crawled back into my safe place of lying in my bed in the dark, listening to music and being on my phone. im not even addicted to my phone i just can’t be fucked to do anything else.

Re: TW: i don’t know :(

Hey @litgym, I'm so sorry to hear how you were feeling the past few days. It sounds like a really dark place to be in, but I'm glad that you've been able to talk to counsellors online! It sounds like it's a great support for you.

You sound like you've been pretty productive already - especially considering it's a Saturday! - so considering that I think you probably deserve some bed time!

Re: TW: i don’t know :(

Hey @litgym,

So great you found the energy to do that stuff! As @safari93 said, It's fine to just chill out for a bit, sounds like you've done plenty today! x

Re: TW: i don’t know :(

@safari93 @annabethxchase thank you❤️ yeah i guess i deserve it but i feel guilty especially since yesterday i didn’t get out of bed once...


im going to the city now which is kinda dumb but im not complaining - i love the city !!


do you guys have any tips on hiding scars ? im really insecure about them and they are on my arms and legs. im currently wearing a scrunchie on my wrist to hid it. it’s coming to summer now and i don’t know what to do.