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The story of my life

so i have told you about my mom canceling my birthday but i wanted to get somethings off my chest before i scream so here it goes.

i was adopted and my mom is always saying things like if you were not here i could still be traveling and it really brings me down also i have had another birthday cancelled it was my 11th and it was because i backtalked and she made me stay in my room all day and not come down until i understud that what i did was wrong. My mom and i have a good and bad relationship and the sad part is i can only find memories of the bad time like one time she said that she couldn't stand me and that to get away from her and that she sometimes hated comeing home because of me and i came back and yelled then why don't you give us away and she said shut up and i was like i am sorry but i am not perfect and you will never guess what she did next she throw a freaking coffe cup at me it didn't hit me but still 

thanks for listneing i just really needed to tell someone and see if you have anything to help this situation


Re: The story of my life

Hi @lovebug137,


I'm really sorry to hear how much you are struggling with family conflict, and feeling like your adoptive mother doesn't respect you or love you like her own child. It's really upsetting that your mum canceled your birthday! Do you think she says and does those horrible things in the heat of the moment, or does she say those things all the time? 


I'd like to remind you of some useful help services, follow the link I've provided for some more info. I really encourage you to call the kids helpline to chat to them about what's happening, as well as speaking to us here at RO.


How old were you when you were adopted? And can you think of any positives about the relationship you have with your adoptive mother? 


Sorry for all of the questions @lovebug137, I just want to make sure I have a clear picture of what your going through at the moment. Smiley Happy We are here to help you through this, and to support you when you are feeling down. You can also check out the games forum if you just want to hang out and take some time away from reality. Can you think of any coping strategies to help you when you're feeling upset/angry/confused?