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Whats wrong with this world?

This afternoon i was doing my push ups my 11 yr old little sister burst into my room with tears rolling down her eyes.

She said one of the other kids called her ugly.

Then she begged me to go down with her to the pharmacy to get some makeup, that all the other girls were wearing cover up one little tiny pimple on her forehead.

That made me mad. 

What is wrong with this world? 

Why is my little sister who is 11 yrs old worrying about make up?

Why is their an entire industry created to tell young little girls that there is something wrong with them, that they can only be fixed by this product and that cream and this powder!

That if they get a pimple, that if their not tan enough, dont have skin clear enough to reflect your own reflection in them. That you are not thin enough not tall enough and too dam ugly to just be who you are.

Why is is that i have to tell my little sister that she doesnt need makeup and she is not ugly, my 11 yr old little sister who iv'e loved since they were born that they are perfect and they dont need al this cr@p.

From a male perspective, no from a human perspective i cant stand it, it needs to know why this generation is so messed up?

Because of things like that..advertisement, tv, the internet...i dont understand why they just cant let girls be.

Let my sister be happy without needing all this stuff!

its just stuff!

...Im tired of hearing about it...girls getting aneroxia because a magazine tells them they're fat.

...The media shoving all these products in they're faces..

When is there ever going to be a time for all of this to stop..

Its just pathetic..i dont want my little sister crying to me over not having makeup for a pimple, perhaps later being brainwashed to think she's fat. Being pressured to change herself...

All i want for my sister..and alot of my girls-that-are-friends to be comfortable and happy.

Im tired of it. 



Re: Whats wrong with this world?

Hey @BluezCluez!


It sounds like you care a lot about her. I get what you mean though. I'd do anything for my sister if it meant making her happy too! Have you told her how much she means to you? People don't do that enough these days and I do feel like it helps for others when they know that at least one person thinks that they're amazing. Maybe remind her how much her personality overshadows this. Having outer beauty is not the only thing in the world that matters. After all, it helps you focus on being amazing inside more than those who solely care about looking good outside. And it helps with developing long lasting, genuine friendships based on personality. Heart

Re: Whats wrong with this world?

Ugh, yes. Society, why? I'm don't bother with makeup and stuff and just try and own who I am and how I present, but it still annoys me, and sometimes makes me insecure, which isn't cool. You sound like a cool person and good role model, so well done Smiley Happy

Re: Whats wrong with this world?

Hey @BluezCluez !

You know you're awesome! I love how you show that you care. You sound really cool. Smiley Wink

I was just wondering what you told your sister afterwards on this? And how she reacted to it all?

I've got a sister who's 1 year and about 3 months old, so still a while to go but I'm sure she will face the same problems going from year 6 to highschool. I'd kinda like to know what to say. Smiley Happy

Thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Whats wrong with this world?

@BluezCluez I am right there with you on this point. I have a younger sister, she is 14 and gets teased a lot because of her acne and her weight. She is a litle heavier than normal but still there is no need to comment on it. 


The world is unfortanely full of people like this and we will continue to come across people who have these beliefs, that beauty is everything. That is why it is up to us to change these views, as the next generation, that no matter what size, colour or beauty that people are beutiful just the way they are. 


Even in university I get looks and asked by people why I don't wear make up, my response why do you were makeup? 


It is a gross and horrifying world out there but one that we can change. 

Re: Whats wrong with this world?

Hello @BluezCluez,


You should tell her that she is not ugly, and that what other people say is not always true. They are the ugly ones for insulting your sister, and they would not insult your sister in the first place if they were not jealous of her. When you do not care about something, you do not feel the need to mention it. Females can be nasty to each other, and they always have something to prove, so do males for that matter, you just need to let it slide and move on. Those people who need to put others down to elevate themselves are not worth your time.


Also, tell your sister that blocking your pores with makeup will only aggravate the pimples more. She is too young to be using makeup as her skin is still too sensitive to all the chemicals. Often some people do not know how to properly clean their skin of makeup, or use it properly to avoid damage. So if she refains from using makeup at an early age, she will look much younger than her peers in the long run. Maybe a trip down history lane would do some good, remember when makeup used to be made of lead? 


To have beautiful skin, drink lots of fluid, eat well and take care of yourself internally. Exercise regularly and show your beauty from the inside, not the outside. Tell her to have confidence, because confidence is more attractive than any product you can use. Looks fade, personality lasts longer. "For one as fair as roses. His beauty clouds and closes".


Makeup is like a mask. Ask her does she really want people to see her as something she is not, or accept her for who she is? There is nothing wrong with a little makeup on special occasions, but you should not be dependent on it for your self-esteem.


That is the thing though. Often industries care about making money and so they do everything they can to promote it. Advertising is not true, and if they do not tell people there is something wrong with them, then people would not buy their products to "fix" themselves. They are often selfish and out for gain, even at the cost of others. Tell your sister to not believe in them but instead, believe in herself. Following the path to beauty often does more harm than good. How many women developed problems from corsets and footbindings?


Humans are social creatures. There will never be a time when we stop wanting to belong. There will never be a time when we will not conform to the standards society set for us, their "perfect" image of "beauty". Females do have it bad, but so do males. They are exposed to magazines that portray unrealistic and photoshopped models and television with actors 12 inches deep in makeup wearing revealing clothes. You do not have to copy them to look good and be accepted, because you should "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind".


This generation's ideologies may be wrong, but you have the power to make it right. Tell your sister she does not need to change herself and to ignore the pressure. Be there for her when she needs you, and tell her she is strong and beautiful. Say it with conviction. Make sure she believes it. If you keep on changing yourself, you will never be happy because there is always something people are displeased about in regards to you. "You can't please all the people, all the time".


I think your sister is very lucky to have a brother who cares for her as much as you do, and i am glad that your friends who are girls have someone who understands just how difficult it is to fight against those unrealistic expectations.


If you need to further discuss any injustice, or any other problems, feel free to talk to me. I look forward to hearing how it goes with your little sister. All the best, and just like you, I wish for your sister to be happy and content with herself too. I am sure she will grow up to be a strong and beautiful woman. Smiley Happy





Re: Whats wrong with this world?

I have not wrote back in a long time, thank you for your kind words. I was just so angry at the time and hurt. I guess you're right the best thing you can do in times like this is teach someone to love themselves.

Re: Whats wrong with this world?

I tell my sister everyday from now on that she is beautiful...inside and out.
I only hope one day she will believe it.

Re: Whats wrong with this world?

That's really cool of you @BluezCluez Smiley Very Happy

Re: Whats wrong with this world?

I totally understand where you're coming from. Sorry to hear that your sister had to experience such insensitive judgement. As a female with younger cousins and neices I feel it's so important to empower them and allow them to understand appearance isn't everything and you don't require makeup to be pretty. Unfortunately as you said, TV and media and societal standards are a big influencer on young girls and boys. Make sure your sister knows how important she is to you and express how much you love each other and bring about the importance of being yourself as you are. Great work, you'e on the right track for sure! Smiley Happy