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i feel so lonely and sad...



Im alone almost all the days, 7 days a week 4 weeks a month... i felt in love to some especial people, they just used that love to make me sad... all the thing are goin wrong to me... i just feel sad all the time, and think about killing miself... i feel like no one ever taked care about me... no one ever know who im... i just feel like im nothing...

                                                                                            no_one_can_stop_death_by_wacalac-d6jwlgm.jpgNo one can stop death




Re: i feel so lonely and sad...

Hi @TheveryShyguy34 you are not alone! We are here for you! We care! 


It's got to be incredibly hard to feel alone all the time, and when things are going wrong on top of that it's even tougher!


Everyone here at ReachOut wants to talk to you about these things and find people to face them with you. 


But right now I want to know if you are safe? The thoughts and feelings you are having are just that, thoughts. Sometimes they can start turning into plans and then actions? Are you feeling like that right now? 


I would like you to call one of these people and start talking as soon as you can! I would like you to tell me you are okay.


Here are some people to call:

Suicide call back service: 
1300 659 467





Let me know how you're doing mate!


Re: i feel so lonely and sad...

hey there,


It will all be okay soon. 


A friend of mine recently broke up with her boyfriend. When she asked to end it he just said okay and walked away. This hurt her immensely as he didnt fight for her. She told me in their relationship he never did much for her, didnt make her feel special, wasnt very romantic and in the end didnt even bother fighting for her. But she still goes on about how she wants him back and how much she loves him.

I told her she has to focus on the relationship. He didnt input much and though she may love him but it wasnt a good relationship. And from the sounds of what you've said that this person is using your love to hurt you. You need to focus on that, that you deserve someone better that cares for you instead of hurting you.

Life can have moments when it seems like its all against you but its just a phase. You can work hard and get out of that storm. Start by doing things you like, listening to music, reading books, sports etc. Then make some good friends (you can get and find GREAT advise about that here in RO). 

Life have many aspects, hobbies, studies, work, relationships, family, love, etc. When one is dipping down... focus on other areas.

Take good care.


Re: i feel so lonely and sad...



Well... thanks for the support...


I see it was a good idea to tell someone about my problems... i like so much the support... maybe the things arent goin fine to me... and all the days are gray... but i will smile, so the world see that im strong... im goin to leave problems at my back meanwile i walk happy to the future... i think i need to do that... im sad rigth now... but your support make me smile... runing just make te problems worse, isnt it?... im goin to be strong...

You can be a warrior... but also the strogest warrior need company sometimessamurai_mummy_by_wacalac-d4rjr19.jpg


Re: i feel so lonely and sad...

@standinside You wrote such an amazing and supportive reply! 


@TheveryShyguy34  Warriors fight for a cause, they have people behind them to help them and to protect them while they recover and get ready for the next adventure. Who are your people? What sort of people will you talk to if you feel alone? Who can you reach out to?