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not sure what is left to do

I feel very lost I am not doing ok. I am having a lot of trouble with my eating issues and it is leaving me feeling physically sick 24/7 which makes the issues even harder. I am only getting around 3 hours of sleep per night and I constantly feel exhausted and weak physically. my memory is getting terrible because of how tired i am and i keep forgetting things even where i parked my car and walking around looking for it until it came back to me.  I am having another physical health issue that is causing me a lot of pain as well and I am struggling to keep on top of my house work and general everyday living things. I am not keeping up with my university work because by the time i get home i am so spacey and out of it i cant get anything done. I have no one I can talk to about what is going on and i really dont know what is left to try/do anymore but i am running out of steam really quickly. i am safe btw. 


Re: not sure what is left to do

hey @Eden1717 

I am so sorry you are feeling this way, and I truly hope things get better for you soon Smiley Happy

I may have a few aids to help you out. 

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is like a sensation you get from sounds you normally would notice, known as triggers, such as tapping, scratching and even eating. Anything you can think of, it will probably be a trigger. I don't get this sensation called "tingles", but it makes me very relaxed to get off to sleep. You can easily find it on youtube. If you'd like more info on it or who to start with, I am more than happy to help. 

If ASMR isn't for you, I would recommend some meditations, a bedtime story, or even the sound of waves crashing. You can find these on apps such as calm or headspace. They even provide other helpful tools such as a breathing exercise and sleep timers. 

Another solution would be a sleep tracker. If you track your sleep with an app such as Pillow, you can keep track of your movements during the night, any noises, and is even more reliable with an apple watch. It can keep track of your heart rate and breathing (or so I've heard). You can then take thins information to a GP or  doctor and get you some further assistance if your sleeping patterns are what you say they are. My brother is an insomniac, and he takes melatonin at night to help him fall asleep. Melatonin adjusts his body "clock" to tell him when to go to sleep. 

In terms of your uni work, I recommend that you speak to your classmates/teacher in order to establish with them that you are falling behind. This may not seem like a good option to you, but I recommend it. They can help you find time to do your work. 

Maybe try organizing a time table, and setting several alarms to reinforce the idea that once you are done doing something and that timer goes off, you move on to something else. I have at least 100 alarms in my phone to tell me how my routine goes. 

i hope something in here maybe helped you. 

try and relax tonight. It's been a long day for you. 

I'm thinking of you Smiley Happy

love and hugs, 

blobby Smiley Happy




Re: not sure what is left to do

Hey @Eden1717, thanks for sharing. Reaching out is the first step so it is great that you have recognised how all of this is impacting you. It sucks that you are really struggling at the moment. It sounds really exhausting to be so physically ill and tired at the same time. I can understand how this would impact your uni work and house work. Those things are both physically and mentally demanding - it sounds like you have run out of all your energy! Are you getting any support for this new physical issue that is causing you a lot of pain? I am getting the sense that your eating issues are interacting with the amount of sleeping you are getting, is this correct? I imagine you must also be stressed and overwhelmed about not keeping up with everything which can also impact your ability to sleep. Are you still in contact with any of your supports from where you used to live? Heart


Re: not sure what is left to do

@blobby  thanks for replying i have tried all sorts of meditation stuff and also meds for sleeping but nothing really seems to work for me the only thing that gets me to sleep sometimes is my pets. but i cant seem them at the moment. 


@Taylor-RO  I dont have any support at the moment not really anyway i could call my psychiatrist but he hasnt been helpful with these issues, i am also living in a different state so i couldnt go see him either. i know i am stressed but normally i can handle stress if it is by itself but this is more than stress. i really dont know what to do anymore i am not coping. 


Re: not sure what is left to do

Hey @Eden1717 


I'm just posting to check in and see if you're okay to night? You mentioned that you're not coping so I'm a little worried about you. We care about you here at ReachOut and want to make sure you're ok Smiley Happy


You mentioned you're having a lot of trouble with your eating issues. Are you receiving professional support for that at the moment? You mentioned you have a psychiatrist in a different state. Will you be moving back to that state or? If so it might be worth you looking up supports in your area. 


Thinking of you tonight Heart


Re: not sure what is left to do

@Maddy-RO  I am safe if that is what you are asking but i am not ok. my psychologist just officially dropped me after a few weeks of avoiding me. i knew it was coming but it is still frustrating and while i wouldnt want to see her again i am annoyed at having to start from square one again especially after i had to wait so long to see her. i am in a lot of physical pain and i am exhausted. i dont know what to do anymore i really cant keep this up but i dont have any other options i feel completely trapped. 


Re: not sure what is left to do

Geez @Eden1717 that sucks Smiley Sad starting over with a new psych and having to retell your story can be super frustrating!

I'm hearing that you're feeling a bit stuck and powerless at the moment, am I right?

If so, maybe there are some small things you could do to give yourself a sense of control, even just a little bit. e.g. sometimes I'll do some colouring in and it helps to know that I'm in control of how the picture turns out. Does that make sense?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Smiley Happy  

// Spiral outward, keep going. //