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Re: tw: im over this

no no of course not xx sorry it’s just me, just a bit frustrated and all over the place due to overwhelming shit going. i just feel like im not heard, which is true, it’s okay don’t worry 


Re: tw: im over this

Are you sure it isn’t me? Do you feel like I’m not hearing your suggestions? That’s not true btw. I am reading them and I really appreciate the support you’re giving me❤️

Re: tw: im over this

trust me it isn’t you. just gonna leave probably for a while just fed up

Re: tw: im over this

Hey @litgym,
I saw this post and was about to respond but I got asked to help with the little kids at netball. It breaks my heart that you feel so unheard Smiley Sad

I'm so happy to hear your GP is so nice and supportive, its tough to find professionals that suite you.Smiley Happy Smiley Happy mmm, that sounds a bit scary about the weight Smiley Sad

ah, yes that's understandable, while its good that your going away, you'll also not have access to your proffessionals Smiley Sad

OH BTW! How'd the chat with G go? And how was your chat with your KHL counsellor?

Again, I'm very sorry you feel so frustrated atm Smiley Sad Sorry if I am making you feel unheard Smiley Sad Maybe you can email RO and discuss some of that with them?

Re: tw: im over this

@litgym, you DO matter! You means lots to everyone Smiley Happy xx

Re: tw: im over this

it’s alright, there is no pressure ever to respond @annabethxchase


never spoke to G but my khl counsellor did abd now they want to do WAC with my psychologist.  chat was alright with khl, i don’t know anymore. 


its not you, just i don’t know everyone. it’s okay don’t worry.  im now on my 5 hour drive 

Re: tw: im over this

Hi @litgym , thanks for letting us know that you're gonna be out of internet for a little while on your holiday, and for letting us know how you are. 


5 hours is such a long drive - I hope you're coping okay! 

I hope the holiday is a good change of scenery for you, and perhaps the time offline could be a good break  - an opportunity to unplug. Take care, and if you ever need reassurance that you matter, maybe you could save some screenshots of this thread to look at. 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: tw: im over this

thanks Heart @gina-RO

apparently i will have 4g up there but ill still take time off my phone because things are just too over bearing. also currently getting awful messages from people Smiley Sad really just want to hang out with my horses from horse therapy.

Re: tw: im over this

Naw I'm sorry about the messages Smiley Sad Who are sending them? Yeah, that definitely sounds like a good comparison.

Re: tw: im over this

*edited out quoted message* 


its from someone who knows a bit about my situation. @annabethxchase