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what would you do?

HEY everyone, Night Nadder here!  


I'm once again here with a true story that happened in my childhood to a friend of mine.

I was 8 at the time, and we've just moved to Adelaide SA. The first school was an EASL (English as a second language) school, and that's where the still ongoing bullying started. I could barely speak in English without  stuttering, and I had a terrible Russian accent, a very tough one! I then became friends with a German boy named A, who surprisingly found my accent very cool. I remember that one day very clearly, when some year 6-es came up to us as we were climbing the monkey bars. "Hey loser, finally got a girlfriend? No wonder, she's a creep just like you." one of them said. All I knew is this wasn't right, so I came off and stared at them saying "go away". Not sure if you'd know, but schools in Adelaide weren't the best, and the year sixes grabbed me by the shoulders and carried me somewhere behind a building. Strangely enough the teachers did not notice, and as they did.. someone who seemed to be their leader looked straight into my watering eyes. "Look, you wouldn't want trouble from us, so just stay out of our way while you can. If there's going to be a next time, you'll see why.". I was filled with terror. I ran back to the playground to A, and the last I've heard from the gang was "Hope you die like your dad". It was very confusing to me at first, but then I realised A was crying. I asked him what's wrong, and then he told me that his father died of Diabetes, and the year sixes somehow found out and used it against him. It was a very sad thing to hear, especially from someone as young as that. Now the moral of this story isn't despair, but instead belief and hope. If it wasn't for these qualities, I wouldn't have had such a personality and wouldn't have made it through these 5 years. That thought and story gave me the inspiration to help others and write articles like these. And, guys, having someone gone who you loved is not something that should be made fun of, and those out there who have the same feelings of despair, it is okay to share here at ReachOut where wonderful staff will help you achieve your goal.


Yours Sincerely,


Re: what would you do?

Hey @NightNadder23 thank you so much for sharing this story it's so awesome,  I just moved it to special discussions I hope this is all good - just to get it the coverage it deserves Smiley Happy I also just edited out some names due to the anonymity component of our community guidelines, no biggy though you can read over them here.


Incredible that these heavy experiences can actually result in so much knowledge and insight into our strengths and how far we have come. How are you feeling now after telling this story? 

Re: what would you do?

Well, I feel somehow easy and satisfied, knowing that my letter can help and inspire others. It makes me feel like my mother, like i did something good and it helped others. Weird, huh. But hey, everyone has their differences!

Re: what would you do?

It will most definitely inspire others! @NightNadder23 absolutely, so brave and very selfless of you to share so thank you very much. Sounds like your mother helped others alot and that's something that is important to you as well Smiley Happy?

Re: what would you do?

How you feeling @NightNadder23 ? Heart

Re: what would you do?

Hi @NightNadder23, thank you for sharing this story, such an inspiring story. It is truly awful for an 8 year old to go through something like that. One should never be bullied for losing a loved one.