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Have you gotten over depression? Talk about it here!

I'm pleased to say that I have recovered from depression and negative thoughts! Two months ago, my mind was still darting around all these thoughts about self harm and such, but I've learned to cope and eventually made my way back up. 

I started to exercise much more often, and this really lightened up my heart. I also adopted the "what happens, happens" mentality as well. Immersing myself with the guitar helped keep me occupied, and I got devoted and pretty good at it, made me into a somewhat small time celebrity in my school. 

My mind is almost all positive now, but of course there would be still a little lingering feelings still in there. Even if people say I was stupid and it was true, I wouldn't agree: It was just part of my story. The wish I had of regaining happiness had come true, even if I worked hard for it.

And a little piece of advice I thought up with over the time: "If you wish for the day you get to smile again, means there's a possibility. If there's possibility, there's hope. With hope, you always have a reason to continue down the road."

How did you guys get over these tough times of yours? Post them below, i'm eager to read about it!

Re: Have you gotten over depression? Talk about it here!

I can't get over it, but I've got so tired fighting it, I tend to negotiate and live together with my depression, hopefully in harmony. Sometimes i really struggle, because what I have is not only depression, it's borderline, with anxiety too. After a big fight happens in my mind, I cry, I punch shit, I roll around on my bed, I got so tired and it all cools down. Then i can get my shit together and continue living my life peacefully, for at least a few days. If I'm lucky i could live like a normal person for a week before all these emotions hit back.

Re: Have you gotten over depression? Talk about it here!

Hey @Crunchyness thanks for creating this post, I think it gives hope to others that they too can recover and get to a better space.


At @Abandoned it sounds like while you are living with depression, you're able to also manage it (negotiate as you say) to some extent? Have you found any particular strategies for helpful?

Re: Have you gotten over depression? Talk about it here!

@Abandoned, although I can't directly relate to your situation, I have been in a similar one too. I was grumpy, out of it, gets sad easily among others.
I can encourage you to find something to "fight for", a hobby, a goal, maybe even someone special. These are all an opportunity to help yank yourself out the pit of sadness. There's always a reason to fight, even if it's just looking for one, that's reason enough. Staying healthy is also a good way to help, I noticed you don't feel as moody when you get enough exercise and eat properly.
I wish you a smooth recovery from these tough times, I'll be rooting for you!

Re: Have you gotten over depression? Talk about it here!

@Erin-RO no particular strategy man. Maybe religion, but at times i even doubted God.... I have no idea how many years more can I live like that though... Also have to try to hide it from my girlfriend, if i ever get one. Hmmph I'll just live as it is and see how it goes lol


@Crunchyness something for me to hold on? Yeah I have one, definitely, but only one. It is this promise i made to a girl, a Macao girl that saved me from suicide attempt, that i will message her 5 positive encounters everyday. Now that she's went back to Macao, I still continue this practice, I'll do it as long as it is ever possible, even though im practically messaging an abandoned number. Somehow this 5 positive encounters evolved into a mood diary though hahaha.

Re: Have you gotten over depression? Talk about it here!

Hey @Crunchyness, Thanks for making the awesome thread!


It is great that you are continuing with messaging that number @Abandoned! Sometimes it is good to be reminded of the positive things in our day to day and that is such a great strategy that you are using!

WE WANT YOU to tell us what kind of infobuses you'd like to see! Let us know here.

Re: Have you gotten over depression? Talk about it here!

that's awesome @Crunchyness! Smiley Happy


in the midst of a depressive episode, it's really hard for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. however, it got better over time and things got easier, even if it took a while (years). sometimes there's ups and downs but there's no depression right now Smiley Happy


what helped for me:

  • painting and drawing - just doodling whatever or making a picture of what was going on and how i felt
  • journalling! whenever i feel a bit restless and my head is kind of muddled, i just write whatever's on my mind onto paper. like getting things off my chest
  • trying to accept myself and being true to myself - what are the things i actually like?
  • focusing on things one at a time so it doesn't get overwhelming and easier to get out of bed
  • trying to nurture self love - treat yourself sometimes! even when you don't feel like it. and i asked what are some things i like about myself? at the time, it was hard to come up with even one thing, but i'm sure everyone has a few strengths that they have. or maybe there are some things you would like to become and these could be things that can be gradually worked towards - good to write it down as a reminder
  • edit: music!! i forgot the most important thing that helped me haha
  • also good quotes - i feel better after reading some, maybe because of a change in perspective or not feeling so alone in how i'm feeling


some other things which i didn't do at the time but would've helped:

  • yoga. this one is maybe more for anxiety but is probably also helpful for depression. doesn't have to be in a group, it can be at home and you can go at your own pace. i like the Yoga With Adrienne youtube videos - relatively short and she gives a lot of support haha
  • talk to someone you trust about it if you want to - once i told my best friend about the depression afterwards, she wasn't judgmental about it and i wish i had talked to her about it earlier
  • get enough sleep - now i realise that when i don't get enough sleep, i'm not in a good mood and i feel less balanced and more irritated at things


that's what has been helpful for me, everyone's different and there's different things to try out - don't lose hope, it can get better over time Smiley Happy 

Re: Have you gotten over depression? Talk about it here!

Hey. Im in treatment for lots of mental health issues, and I don't think completely getting rid of depression is even in the future right now, but dealing with it is. Some days i think it's gone, but then it pops out of nowhere and let's me know it's there and ready to make my life terrible, but overtime I began to reason with my depression, so I don't go down the rabbit hole of harming myself and those around me in the process. I haven't quite gotten over my negative thoughts, but i have managed to stop them from interfering with my life.



Re: Have you gotten over depression? Talk about it here!

Hi @Alion, welcome to ReachOut! Heart Thank you for sharing your story with us, that takes a lot of courage and strength to do so. You have made some real progress so far, particularly being able to stop your negative thoughts getting in the way of things. Heart

Re: Have you gotten over depression? Talk about it here!

I was Diagnosed with depression when I was 12, I was depressed because I was closeted. I was trapped in my room, begging to be Home schooled and eventually was. I had no friends, no social life and family that had forgot I existed. I would sit in my room wondering if I would be better off dead. Instead of harming myself, thought i had many self debates about it, I cut all my hair off. This alarmed my mom that there was a serious problem and I knew it to. I then sat down with my family, pouring my heart out. I still live with a hurting feeling but it's getting better everyday. I'm Happier then before and now have friend, that's my story and just know, y'all with depression, please live on. I know its tough and I know it's difficult and not a lot of people will understand your pain. But you have a life to live and you have to try to deal with it. I know it may sound rough but suicide is never the answer, because people do care about you.