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Have you gotten over depression? Talk about it here!

I'm pleased to say that I have recovered from depression and negative thoughts! Two months ago, my mind was still darting around all these thoughts about self harm and such, but I've learned to cope and eventually made my way back up. 

I started to exercise much more often, and this really lightened up my heart. I also adopted the "what happens, happens" mentality as well. Immersing myself with the guitar helped keep me occupied, and I got devoted and pretty good at it, made me into a somewhat small time celebrity in my school. 

My mind is almost all positive now, but of course there would be still a little lingering feelings still in there. Even if people say I was stupid and it was true, I wouldn't agree: It was just part of my story. The wish I had of regaining happiness had come true, even if I worked hard for it.

And a little piece of advice I thought up with over the time: "If you wish for the day you get to smile again, means there's a possibility. If there's possibility, there's hope. With hope, you always have a reason to continue down the road."

How did you guys get over these tough times of yours? Post them below, i'm eager to read about it!

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