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The ReachOut Online Community is getting a major redesign!



The ReachOut Online Community is getting a major redesign!


We are here to announce some really exciting news. We have been working on a new Online Community experience. On the 5 May 2021 we will be launching the redesigned community, and we can’t wait for you all to see it. We have worked with our community members to make sure these changes respond to feedback and improve everyone’s experiences with the community. 


Not only will it have a new look and feel to it but we will also be introducing a number of new ways to interact with the community. What will stay the same is that everyone will still be able to log in with your existing account details, create threads, engage with games and activities and support each other. Here are some of the things that will be different: 


  • Introducing “Spaces” will allow the community to find topics to chat about that they are interested in. You will be able to find and create threads in these spaces and they range from interest areas - you will also notice that the threads you have already created will have found new homes in these spaces. You can follow spaces that interest you which will tailor your online community feed. Rest assured you’ll still be able to look around in spaces that you don’t follow as well. You will also be able to filter topics that you want to hear about in your feed. 


  • The “Daily Check-In” is a brand new tool that you will find at the top of your feed. This tool will give you a moment to stop and reflect on how you are feeling if you’re just reading, or when you sign in. You’ll be given a few options to let the tool know how you are feeling. We have provided some suggestions for how you might want to use your time with the online community, depending on your headspace/what you’ve indicated. 


  • We have taken this opportunity to bring you some new features such as new emoji reactions, which will work how kudos currently do. You’ll also be able to access gifs from the reply bubble (Yay). 


  • Another super cool feature is that you’ll have more room for creativity on your user profile. There will be a space for you to include some information about your hobbies and interests. 


These are all incredible improvements but we also want to acknowledge that times of change can be confusing. So, with that said please feel free to send through your questions and we will do our best to answer them for you.

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